Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window ~ Clear, breezy, high of 78.  A little activity in the garden box.  Love seeing that green pop up!

I am Thinking ~ About Mr Perfect.  He's been so busy, has been working so hard, then the drive crashed and he was unable to work for a week.  Now he's got a ton to do, driving to meetings for 12+ hours today, etc.  I'd like to see him sleep and lay around like third base.  For about a week.

I am Thankful For ~ Being poured into, Trinity Covenant Presbyterian Church, a comment from family I never knew I had, time to recover from a blessed but busy weekend.

I am Creating ~ a blog post!  HA!

I am Reading ~ Restoration - Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus.

I am Praying ~ For friends in transition, for a new start for my grandmother, for a little peace for my mom, endurance for Mr Perfect, health for my children (3/4 are sick).

I am Hearing ~ Han Solo bwowing hid dose for the umpteen-bazillionth time.  (Poor boy!)

From the Kitchen ~ Rosemary roasted chicken, multi-grains, kale concoction as coached by the group from whence my Proprietary herbs come.

Around the House ~ A little studying, LOTS of laying around.

We are Learning ~ Patience and persistence pays!

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ The futon, quilts, ginger tea/lemon/raw honey, naps.  (Yes, I'm sick too.)

Plans for the Week ~ Lay. Low.  OH - and church again on Sunday!  :)

On my Mind ~ How so many things that I always thought were things that happened to other people, or things others do, have happened to me, or we've done.  Two this past weekend alone.  What an interesting life!

A Peek at My Life ~ insert here a mental picture of a hard drive that is back on the desk top, but not yet set up to pull photos from my camera.  I'll make up for it later, promise!

Care to Daybook?

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  1. Sorry about your 3/4 sick kids :(

    So glad you've landed at a fabulous church home!

    And, btw, am enjoying your blogging through the gospels, but commenting "Amen" over and over would seem redundant :D



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