Friday, April 29, 2011

Photographic Miscellany!

Flowers brought by new friends ~ and they lasted 10 days!

 Spring Tulips.
I bought them for my grandmother, but she wasn't up for a visit, so we got to enjoy them.

 Harley dutifully guarding the chicken that was
defrosting out in the morning sun.
This was his last photo.
His stomach flipped on Resurrection Sunday about 7:00pm.
By 10:30 he was gone.
Such a sweet bud!

I love my husband.
His night stand usually looks like this . . .
 (Mental note: get the man a more substantial nightstand.)

. . . which makes me feel better,
because mine usually looks like this . . .

I have this wild auburn streak in my hair.
When I braided it after a shower the other night it really stuck out.
 (I told you this was, 'miscellany'!)

Does it get any handsomer than this?
Unless it's his twin brother, that would be, "No."
(And I'm sure any tiny bit of bias I may possibly have has nothing to do with it.)

Sprouting plants from some proprietary vegetables that came from dear friends before they moved.
~Because we refuse to let them go completely!


  1. I love picture post! This was great. Sorry you lost your sweet dog. I know that's hard on the whole family.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Oh, so sorry about Harley.

    Love all the pics, though!


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