Friday, April 29, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The Background ~

So, I tend to be a tad particular about the words I use.  Words have meanings, and I think meanings need to be communicated clearly.  (Yes, I was raised by an engineer.  Then I married one.  Then I married another one.  [No, not at the same time!])  This means taking actual definitions into account, as well as implied meanings.  My IRL friends and acquaintances know that we don't homeschool, because we don't want anything to do with the institution of 'school' in our home.  We don't 'do school', have a 'school room' or enjoy 'recess' when we're done with 'school'.  We don't use resources from companies that wrote curricula for 'school', saw a market in home education, and then packaged their stuff and called it 'homeschool' material because we aren't interested in supporting companies who think abdication of parental responsibility and institutionalizing children in groups of 30 is the way to go.  Our children aren't in a 'grade' because we have no need to fit them into a humanistic category.  All we have to do is parent them.

The Thought ~

I really like the idea of a weekly review of the things that took place in our home.  Like blogging in general, there is something about getting things down on paper (even virtually) that helps one see, consider, and move forward to something better.  Of course, the ability pick the brains of others is a perk too.

Fine Tuning ~

However, in considering what this could be called and what could be reviewed, I started considering what is it we're really doing.  Yes, we're home educators, but when you cut away all the world's complications, we're just parents who are raising our children, discipling them, and we're growing and being discipled ourselves!

So here's what I came up with ~

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ I've spent time this week reading Amusing Ourselves To Death.  Amazing, and highly recommended.  Push through the first three chapters and the rest is not so . . . difficult.

In our studies this week ~ Not much!  Since we missed so much this week, and have missed a lot over the past month (between starting the church and being sick, etc.) we used today as a 'get a grip' day.  I reviewed academic plans for all 4 children, reworked a few things, and we are now back on track to finish our 2nd quarter by the end of May.

What's working well ~ for the girls - simply reading the science gives them a good general understanding of what they're studying.  The related pages from their coloring books (biology and anatomy) and slide sets under the microscope bring it all home.  Their time is now free to work on weaker areas.

What needs some tweaking ~ just getting back into the swing of a full day starting Monday.  Prayers appreciated! 

The best thing about the week ~ All day Tuesday with Mr Perfect, with the exception of 2 hours at Barnes and Noble while he was in a meeting.  Lovely!

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ I have too many books to read for the discipling of my own heart.  Where to start?

Something to share ~ I'm toying with the idea of hosting an open house - blog style.  So many of us are virtual friends, wouldn't it be fun to see what each others homes look like?  Would there be enough interest to warrant a Linky? Hmm . ..


  1. Lots of good thoughts here!

    And I like your idea for a bloggy open house :D

  2. I love that you're so deliberate with words - I am, too, even though it drives some people (including my hubby) batty! I haven't joined any "weekly wrap-up" linkies, but I'd join yours - because, as you know, we're of the same mind about the whole school vs. education/discipleship thing. I like the format you've used, too, which I've seen recently on a few other posts, because it's short and requires deliberate (lol) choices about what one says. I made the mistake a while ago of doing my own wrap-ups that were laundry lists of all we'd done in a week - until I realized from reading several others like that how boring they are. Short, summative, and witty if possible are the way to go. :^)

  3. "Amusing Ourselves To Death" is an excellent book.I read it 7 years ago. It is on our high school curriculum. It's one of several books we plan on our children reading between 17 and 19 depending on maturity level. As you may have figured out Neil Postman was not a Christian, but a humanist. One of the glorious things about the God we serve is that He will use whatever and whomever He chooses for His glory.

    Neil Postman wrote other books also, a couple you may be interested in are "Technopoly" and "The Disappearance of Childhood."


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