Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogging Through the Gospels

Scripture ~ Matthew 13:16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.  (Matthew 13:17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and ot hear those tings which ye hear, and have not heard them.)

Observation ~ The big hitters in this section are usually the two parables, one about the sower and one about the wheat and the tares.  However, little :16 is the one that jumped out at me this morning.

Last summer I had a usual appointment with the optometrist and at the end of it was encouraged to go see a glaucoma specialist.  He said one of my eyes was testing a higher than normal, and that while it probably wasn't anything to be concerned about, it would be best if I head to a specialist.  Now, there are a few medical areas where I test higher or lower than normal and it's all because my normal is simply higher or lower than others.  I also manage the medical industry rather than allowing it to manage me.  We don't do all the hoopla that they have the country brain-washed into.  Anyway - it was not real high on my to-do list, this getting to the specialist, and I really wasn't worried about it.  A few weeks later Mr Perfect says, "By the way, you have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow."

I was fine until the morning of the appointment, and couldn't even sit through family worship.  I left the table and spent the rest of the time pacing, pleading, putting some make up on, pacing, begging, a little more make up, etc.  It all started to hit me.  We are a home educating family and while the girls would be alright, the boys have only just begun.  I wouldn't be able to check anything, nor teach anything, Mr Perfect would have to do it, as it all comes from printed material.  Errands while Mr Perfect works?  That's over, he'd have to do that too.  I have a sewing room - that would be over.  So. Many. Things.  And so much more would be dumped in Mr Perfect's lap.  (You know, because a full time job that requires travel and three side jobs isn't enough.)  Life as we know it would change in a huge and ever-lasting way.

This verse is talking about understanding, perceiving, comprehending the things we hear and see.  We are so very blessed that we understand, that He reveals things to us!  So many read, study, and yet do not understand.  While my experience brought the blessing of physical sight into sharp focus (no pun intended), how much worse would it be to be spiritually blind?

Application ~ I so often want to know MORE, want to understand MORE and complain that I know so LITTLE.  I must remember the blessing in knowing what I know, and rest in the fact that He will reveal to me exactly what He wants me to know, at the exact time He wants me to know it.  Contentment!

Prayer ~ Father, thank you, that I am not completely, spiritually blind or deaf.  Thank you for the experience that helps me to not take physical sight and hearing for granted.  Please, Father, reveal to me always exactly what you want me to understand, and help me continually tune my 'hearing' and sharpen my 'focus' that I may better see and hear You.  What a blessing, indeed!

Epilogue ~ Through out the morning of the appointment, driving to, and during, I was praying that the Lord protect me from whatever could happen.  As usual, my thoughts on how He could do that and His thoughts were two different things, and His - of course - came out of left field.  (Hmm . . . sounds like His ways being higher than mine and my thoughts not being His?)  Anyway, I was diagnosed with Angle-closure Glaucoma, usually found in people older, and the worst kind one can have.  (This is the one where you can go to sleep just fine and wake up the next morning completely and irreversibly blind.)  I did not immediately perceive how this was going to play out for the best!  A moment later the doctor explained - it's the worst to get, but it's the easiest to treat. Laser Peripheral Iridotomy - a big fancy name for a 90 second laser blast to the eye, and I'm, most likely, good for life.  No prescriptions, no daily drops, no appointments every 3 months, etc.

Sight - spiritual and physical - offered in ways only He can arrange.  What gifts!

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  1. Awesome report from the specialist -- on the treatment side, of course!

    I had the same scripture in mine, but since I didn't have the background of glaucoma, I was immediately aware of our technological blessings-- the internet, churches everywhere that have teaching online, our little blogging through the gospel community...

    It was neat to hear a different (and probably more literal and more scriptural... :) ) take on the same verse!



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