Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blogging Through the Gospels Matthew 26:1-35

Scripture ~ Matthew 26:10 When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me.

Observation ~ The disciples did not understand the woman's actions.  They assessed the situation in a completely different manner and immediately put their own spin on what should be done with her gift, finding 'better' use for it.

How many times have I looked at people serving and thought, "Is he crazy?"  "Oh goodness, that is not his area of giftedness . . . he should be (fill in the blank) that he's so much better at."  Or, "What is she thinking?"  "She has no business doing that, someone in that position should be (all the characteristics that she's not currently exhibiting) and she's so much stronger is thus and such area."

However, like the woman with the alabaster box, sometimes our gift doesn't make sense to others.  Sometimes we are simply led to do it, not always understanding ourselves.  Perhaps it's something that will be a blessing to us, the server.  Maybe it's something that will bless the recipient in a certain way.  It could be that someone witnessing what ever is going on needs to see us do whatever it is we're doing.  Or the Lord could be using the experience to grow the person in some area.

The fact is, we have no way of knowing how the Lord is going to use what he's laying on our hearts, or on the hearts of others.  It's our job to watch and appreciate whatever the Lord is doing with the situation.  Not mastermind who should be doing what, because really, that's God's job ~ not mine!

Application ~ Pray in thanksgiving when I see gifts being used in any way, whether I understand them or not!  And perhaps even keep an eye out for how the Lord is going to use it in a highly unsuspected way.  Perhaps I'm the one who needs to witness the gift being offered even though I don't get it!

Prayer ~ Father, thank you for this verse.  How many times have I read it and missed this little aspect?  Yet this morning you laid it right out there for me.  You know I'm an orchestrator at heart.  Help me put aside such snotty thoughts and simply give you thanks for using your flock in the way you see fit.  Let me be an encourager, rather than trying to out orchestrate you.  And thank you - for loving me in spite of myself.

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  1. That thought really hits home... I struggle with being judgmental like the disciples, thinking I know better than other people. Thank you for the reminder that it's about God, not about us!

  2. You're not the only one, that's probably why the Lord smacked me with it this morning! :)


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