Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Readers

No, not the people who read them, but rather the services that help you read them more efficiently!

Just in case you're not aware . . . if you don't like clicking in to each blog your read just to find they haven't posted since you last visited, or if you'd rather not have a zillion separate emails for every blog you subscribe to . . .

Let me introduce you to Google Reader.

Go to Google.com/reader, and create an account.  Once created, you'll be able to add subscriptions.  Simply enter the address to whatever blogs you read.  You can even arrange them however you want, have categories, etc.

Then when it's time for you to read your blogs, go to Google Reader.  Your page will come up, with all your blogs listed down the left hand side.  Blogs that have posts up since your last visit will be in bold.  Click on those and the content will come up in the body of your reader page.

If you want to leave a comment, click on the title of the blog post and it will open a new window and take you directly to the post where you can then leave your comment.

After a while, when you've added a zillion too many blogs, you may find you want to rearrange and/or delete some.  Also very simple.  Just click on the "Manage subscriptions in the very bottom left corner of the page and you'll be able to clean up your reader.

Easy and so much more efficient!

Happy Reading,


  1. Reader is AWESOME! You can also organize your subscriptions according to theme (like fashion, cooking, etc) - I also like throw them in folders depending on what kind of "blog hop" I participated in. Then, you can also save certain posts by adding tags. I do this to recipe posts - I add tags like "chicken", "beef", "appetizers", etc. For someone like me who LOVES to organize, Reader is a big time saver.

  2. If you use Firefox (and probably Chrome), you can download a really cool plugin called better g-reader that makes reader even *more* fun to use. Try it.


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