Monday, March 28, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
some REALLY noisy birds!  The boys and I are giggling through a spelling lesson because the birds are so distracting.

I am Thinking
about the intelligence behind this article and changes we need to make to our academic path in light of it.

I am Thankful For
new mercies.

I am Creating
some gifts for a few lovely ladies.  One may require converging harmonically (a little hint for any quilt minded readers).  Fun!

I am Reading
Salad Bar Beef (fabulous system.  I would have pushed for more steer had I known this stuff before!), a document of What We Believe for the new church, and the Messiah Journal.  (I really need some fluffy novel to break this up!)

I am Praying
For an injury to heal fast for a friend, for Mr Perfect's stress levels, and for academic guidance.

I am Hearing
BIRDS!  It's building up to a Hitchcock movie out there.

From the Kitchen
Chicken Orzo salad.  Delish!

Around the House
Simply working through the first day of our second academic quarter.  It was a nice break (3 weeks) but it was also definitely time to get back to work.

We are Learning
diligence, planning, and persistence.

A Few of My Favorite Things
watching the boys 'get' something.  You know, those unexpected light bulb moments!

Plans for the Week
World Tour Wednesday, a fellowship gathering here on Saturday, fabulous friends (including my brothers - apparently I'm a triplet!) over on Sunday.

On my Mind
One of my triplet brothers and his family are moving in a week.  I'm working hard to concentrate on the blessing for them, and our May visit rather than the fact that they're moving. far. away.

A Peek at My Life
I finished the quilt for the guest room and cranked out a valance and some pillowcases to boot.  Gotta love Daiwabo fat eighth bundles from Quilt Markets past! 

(Now - has anyone figured out how to make Blogger load the photos the way you want them rather than SIDEWAYS?  Argh!)

Now to find something to put over the blinds and under the valance.  It's so bright in there, no one will be able to sleep past 5am in the summer!

Care to Daybook?


  1. I wish I was a crafty/quilty sort of person. Sigh...

    Birds - the starlings stop by here every so often and drive us up the wall with their noise. It really is like that movie!

  2. On the technical side... I edit my photos first in iphoto and then load them, to get them oriented correctly.

    I don't have facebook and can't follow the link to the article you referenced. Do you have a link that's not routed through FB? Sounds intriguing! Though I can only handle so many "course corrections" (put intented) at a time...

    Happy Monday,


  3. Beautiful Quilts! I blog on Blogger using a free download called "Windows Live Writer." It makes blogging so much faster and easier. Blogger was always confusing me, but Windows Live Writer is intuitive. (Just do a google search) You write the whole blog post offline and the software even lets you preview how it will look on your blog. When you insert a picture, you can rotate it by clicking on "advanced" (in the picture menu on the right) and then click "rotate". Then you just click "publish" and the whole post publishes right onto your blog. Easy-Peasy! Good luck! =)

    Alina Joy

  4. What beautiful quilts!
    To answer your technical question, I blog on blogger using a free software program called Windows Live Writer. Blogger was too confusing for me, but Live Writer is very intuitive. (You can find it easily through a google search). I just type the post offline and insert pictures right there. There is a picture menu on the right and I click "advanced" and then "rotate" and the pictures rotate! Easy Peasy! There is even a "preview" option so I can see what the post will look like online. Then I just click publish and I'm done! I love it!
    Hope that helps!


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