Friday, March 4, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Weekend Edition

Outside My Window ~ it's too. stinkin'. hot. already.

I am Thinking ~ I'm so glad I don't live in the world and that my children are not institutionalized for their education.  I spent 2+ hours in the waiting room at the orthodontist, and wow - what a testimony to the horrendous state of the country and the lack of future we're setting ourselves up for.

I am Thankful For ~

(I wish you could smell them - divine!)

I am Creating ~ a gift, finishing it up this weekend!

I am Reading ~ Hannah's List.  Cheesy, I know, but I got stuck on Twenty Wishes and now have to read them all.  On the more serious side, Family Friendly Farming and Female Piety.

I am Praying ~ about Mr Perfect's work load (which is overwhelming at the moment) and pitching a service-time-slot idea to better manage our time.

I am Hearing ~ the simple hum of the air purifier.  Exciting, I know!

From the Kitchen ~ Carrot Soup, Challah.  Someone got braces today and needs some easy-to manage food.

Around the House ~ Rose showering, the gentlemen off on an advisement appointment, soup simmering, carpets vacuumed, ready for Sabbath rest.

We are Learning ~ to shift the way we thing about EVERYTHING!

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Amazon boxes with expected books.  :)

Plans for the Weekend ~ over night guests for the next three nights (helping a Single mom pick up some big-buck night shifts), laying low, expecting a helpful phone call tomorrow, Sabbath rest, work for Mr Perfect on Sunday.  Gearing up for our first academic break for the year.

On my Mind ~ some dear friends and the adventure they're on.  SO exciting!

A Few Peeks at My Life ~

Regional Honors Orchestra

 Do you see Daisy?  LOL!

OK, maybe not.
I ran up to the front like a mom and snapped this one.
She's so fabulous they put a light right on her!

Seriously, though, she did an AMAZING job.
We're SO proud of her!

And just today, here's the Rosebud.


3.5 hours later!

Yes, a little tired, and little weary.
Nothing an afternoon on the couch won't cure.
Well, and 18 months of orthodontic appointments!

Care to Daybook?


  1. Oh Rosebud... how well I remember those days. Lots of soup and Jello. (It was the 70's.)

    Cracking up about your time in the ortho office. My husband gets twinges that we're "depriving" our children of an idealized school social life. Riiiight. Just hang out where the teens congregate and see how lovely it all is. *sigh*

    I enjoyed your daybook, my friend :D


  2. OK, as we are sitting in 20 degree weather, I just have to say... I wish it was! LOL Congratulations to Daisy for an excellent preformance. I hope Rosebud is feeling more well rested by now, and she will be on the road to eating everything but popcorn and gum in no-time!
    God bless,

  3. The smell of hyacinths reminds me of my recovery after our oldest was born. A huge basket of blooming bulbs was sent to my hospital room. Heavenly!

  4. Blessings!

    Just stopping by to say "hello, friend".

  5. Ouch! I remember when I first got braces, they hurt so bad. She looks great, thought! :-)


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