Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Be a Keeper of the Home

Spring cleaning, fresh starts, home management systems, spiffing up here and sprucing up there.  Blogs abound with the season, it's topics, and the drawbacks in it's management.

How do I keep my house maintained?
How do I set up routine cleaning?
How do I start spring cleaning?
How do I keep going when there is so much to do?
What do I do with the children while I'm cleaning?

There are blogs, books, lectures on cd, podcasts, charts, binders, forums, and even yahoo groups that will email you what to do every. single. day.  Sometimes a zillion times a day.  There are mothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, all with brains to pick on the subject.  Between the library, the internet, and a few older ladies at church, there is no short supply of information out there.

So with all the information and the variety of systems out there, what's the problem?

I'm going to tell you how to be a keeper of the home now.

Are you ready?

I hope you're sitting down for this.

Just do it.

I know, I know.  More radical, napalm thinking border-lining complete rebellion.

(Not to mention totally plagiarized from Nike.)

But I'm telling you, just. do. it.

If you get out of bed and your bed is a mess, then make your bed when you get out of it.  Off to brush your teeth and your sink is gross?  Clean it when you're done.   Do you see dishes from last night in the kitchen sink?  Wash them while your coffee brews.  Junior is wearing the same shirt for the umpteenth day in a row?  Do the laundry.  When you prep lunch did you notice the fridge is taking on a life of it's own?  Clean it!

Yes, there are some great systems and routines out there and I'll talk about them more later.  But for now, what needs to be done?  If your house is a dump this is not the time to research systems and put a home management binder together.  This is the time to start getting used to work.

Yes, "work".

It is, indeed, a four letter word, and no, it's not even a particularly glamorous one.  But it won't kill us, ladies, to get up and get the job done (or at least get it started).  There is fruit there, productivity, blessings, and something lovely to show for our efforts.  Try it for just one hour and then look around and see what you have to show for your investment.

It's good stuff.

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  1. Yeay, you're back where I can find you! :) You don't know HOW MANY TIMES I ended up at some other napalm lover's blog! LOL
    As for housecleaning - someone once told me something very similar. She said "how do you eat an elephant?" Of course you know the answer! I just have to get up and start - the rest works out itself. My main issue is this thing - you know the bright screen in the middle of the room? Yeah, that thing. I have had to severely limit my time on it in order to get my house in order!
    All the routines in the world don't work for me. I have to do things as I notice them. Laundry is piling up, so before I started dinner, I put a load down. After dinner was cooked but before I served I switched it over. I will run down now and grab it to fold while the kids are playing in the tub. No wasted time there :)
    Anyway, yeay! I can find you again :)
    God bless,


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