Friday, March 11, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet - So To Speak!

Yes, I've taken Napalm public.

If you and I have ever attended the same church, I'd appreciate it if you didn't drop Napalm into a public list of blogs you visit, nor share the blog address with anyone.  You'd be amazed at the sources of my rounds of blog hell, and we're all connected to these various parties in at least one way, shape, or form.

No, I don't think anyone is laying awake at night trying to figure out where I've gone, but I'd rather not leave anyone a trail of bread crumbs on a lit path, know what I mean?

And if someone really is going out of their way to dig me up, it's ok.  The Lord knew about it from the beginning and He has a plan for them about which I need not worry.

Thank you all, for going out of your way to come see me here while it was private.  It gave me time to heal and time to come full circle.  I so appreciate you!

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  1. Well, I'm glad you're here. Now I get to know a little more about the woman behind the comments. :)

    Dana @


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