Saturday, February 19, 2011

Napalm Miscellany

1.  Why, when I edit my photos to vertical, do they revert back to horizontal?  And can I tell you how annoying that is?  Does Blogger expect readers to turn their screen in order to view the photo at correct direction?

2.  I love watching Mr Perfect play with the children.  The boys had finished clearing the rock for a track in the back yard, and Mr Perfect had to trim the bougainvillea that was encroaching along the back wall.  I missed the segue from light yard work to light saber fight.
Padme' using a Force Push on Jedi Master Perfect.

Leia displeased with the shish-kabobing of her sister.
(Didn't know that could be used as a verb, did you?  Well, now you know.)

Do the work gloves help with light saber grip?

The two Padawans are no match for the Master.
(Although sometimes he'll break a sweat if all four get in on the action.)

3.  I've noticed  lots of different link up type things that look like so much fun.  But it's rather ineffective when one has an invitation only blog.  I'm really thinking about pulling the invites and going public again.

4.  One of the latest link-ups I've seen was one counting down to spring.  Sorry, but I'm avoiding spring like the plague.  Our a/c has already kicked on this calendar year.  Today we're sitting pretty at 100% chance of rain plus more over the next 48 hours AND temperatures under 60 for the week.  Winter has finally come to the desert.  (I'd start a "Down With Spring" community link up blog thing, but I'd be the only one participating.)

5.  Padme' spent 8 hours at Regional Honors Orchestra rehearsal yesterday.  Once dinner was over she laid her tired and brain-fried self down to watch a movie.  Instead she took a 2 hour nap in order to get ready to climb the stairs to go to bed.

6.  Sleep and waking up.  I've heard that most people wake up with worries swarming their brains.  Not me.  I wake up with music and then can't get back to sleep because I'm busying 'listening' to the music in my head.  I'd put some yicky stuff in there so I don't want to 'listen' and go back to sleep, but that would require me to listen to yicky stuff to begin with.

7.  Can I tell you how much I love new beginnings?  Mr. Perfect had a conference call this morning that has left me so very encouraged.  "Encouraged" is a lovely state in which to be!

8.  Regional Concert this afternoon, then wonderful friends over for the day tomorrow.  It's shaping up to be a lovely, lovely weekend.


  1. I'd love it if you felt safe going public again! I have so many times wanted to share one of your posts - the latest was in my last post about daybooking because it was by coming here to catch up with you that I remembered that - but I know they couldn't see the link unless they're an invited member. I'll pray you get clarity about that. :^)

  2. Love the pictures :D What kind of a track are they making?

    Oooo, I'm looking forward to spring. The last three days have been clear and sunny (glorious!) but breezy. With temps in the 30s and 40s that just doesn't feel much like spring!

    But I understand your perspective. I don't do well with heat unless I'm at the beach ;D


  3. I love photo journals and this one had me smiling. Lots of family fun. Will you hate me if you knew I pray for spring? How about I keep my prayers focused on the Pacific NW? :)

  4. Public - praying about it!

    Track - the boys cleared a track so they can run laps around the back yard.

    Spring - you can all pray for spring, but if you'd leave the desert out of it, I'd appreciate it! :)


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