Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Icepocalypse Now

I know, I'm pushing it.

I live in the desert, so let me enjoy the bone I've been thrown, OK?

The neighborhood in which I live is a few miles north of the Valley line, and upon entering one passes between two of these stair-styled fountains, one on either side of the road.

This morning Mr Perfect had an 8am dental cleaning and the girls had the same at 9.  Since the dentist is 3 minutes from the house, I shuttled various parties around in between getting read for the day and a few errands I was able to squeeze in.

We see the previously mentioned fountains every time we enter or exit our neighborhood, but when we passed them the first time, we were all amazed at their status.  Frozen.

This is as close to driving in an ice storm as I'm going to get.

Yes, I know - still pushing it.  ;)

And the proof?

Don't try this at home kids.

Yes, 30.  Later I learned that factoring wind chill put us at 20.  As in, degrees.

I survived a blizzard, and the great desert freeze, both within a month of each other.

And lived to tell about it.

OK, I'll stop being ridiculous now!


  1. Looks pretty to me! Enjoy it while you have it,


  2. Enjoy while you can. Spring is right around the corner. (oh, please let it be) ;)

  3. Enjoy, enjoy!

    From the snowbelt,
    Jen ;-)


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