Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snowballs in Hell

Desert life is so much different from the rest of the country.

We have two seasons: lovely and hell.

Our gardens are labors of love, emphasis on labor, as our plants need the morning sun but then you have to shade them for the afternoon or your zucchini will be cooked right on the vine.  And that's assuming that you were able to doctor up your soil because, strangely enough, veggies don't like to be seeded into our hard-as-a-rock earth.  (If, however, you happen to live in what used to be a cotton field - you have it made!)

Our car windows are tinted to about mafia hit-car standards, and there is no car in the desert without a sun screen in the front window when parked anywhere outdoors for longer than 30 seconds.  Speaking of cars, our car batteries last 2 years tops.  They just can not take the heat.

Unless there is some other fabulous perk to an east-west facing house, no one buys them except rookies because no one wants all that sun heating up the house all morning and then keeping it hot all afternoon.  We turn our ceiling fans on in April and they literally do not get turned off until Thanksgiving.  Maybe.

While the rest of the world jumped the 'drink your water' train, desert life means this is not the popular bandwagon, it's life and death.

Our cd's warp in the car, as do any dvds we have to return to the library, so the library had better be one of your first stops on errand days.  Line drying is harder on our clothes than the dryer.  A simple run to the grocery store requires an ice chest in the trunk, and our paint, glue, ink pads, and the like dry up before you can down your next 8 oz of water if you aren't diligent about keeping the bottles closed up tight.

You're children learn about scorpions early on, and when you head out for your morning walk you'd best have a plan for when you encounter a javalina.  (And no, I'm not kidding.)

It rains about a dozen times a year, and most of that is a little shower for a few minutes and then it's over.  The big juicy storms usually come at night when you can't enjoy them.

So with that information, perhaps you can appreciate this . . .

If you click on the photo, I think it may enlarge.
See those blurs of white?


Yes, it SNOWED!  Last week we were watching and waiting and hoping and praying and were blessed with a fun and giggly afternoon.  It snowed here in Anthem, cold, white stuff falling from the sky for about an hour.


Yes, there is actual BUILD UP!  In the literal snowball's-chance-in-hell of desert life, it may snow once in 20 years, but there is NEVER build up, as it melts when it hits the ground.  And no, it may not be 'build up' the way you four-seasoners see it, but it's all relative!  :)

 (Rose, Han Solo, Lando)

Yes, they're out there in their slippers trying to catch snow on their tongues.  It was cold, but there was no time to waste with putting shoes on, as we were afraid it would stop at any moment and desert rats have to soak up what snow they can get.

After playing outside for a bit it was lunch time and the children were cold.  I heated up some soup and they sat here by the sliding glass door so they could eat and continue to watch the snow.  Even the dog was cold!

After lunch there was enough build up of packable snow to enjoy snowballs.  And yes, even Harley wanted in on the action.

So - the next time someone says something about snowballs in hell, this is what I'm going to be thinking about!

I hope your winter is lovely, where ever you are!


  1. How fun! I just looked a pic my mom took in 1977 when we lived in Florida. It was the date written in the snow that fell on our picnic table. I was five and remember the day clearly. It was so exciting!

    Your desert description actually made me feel hot!

  2. Woo-hoo!!! You deserve some snow :D


  3. That is so cute! At least you didn't have floods! Glad you enjoyed the white stuff.


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