Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
clear blue skies, slight breeze.
Standard Operating Procedure.

I am Thinking
that while I understand a desertarian's desire to don heavier duds at any given opportunity, the woolly sweater with the rugged arctic jacket, thick woolen scarf, and Viking ugg-lies when it's 60 degrees is just silly.

I am Thankful For
a few hours with a sweet friend this morning
and an absence of back pain.

I am Creating
book stuff!

I am Reading
Playing With Books
Keeping a Nature Journal

I am Praying
for Mr Perfect's safe return home
and that nothing else breaks while he's away.
(C-3PO, our second fridge/freezer died last night.)

I am Hearing
Daisy work through a viola piece.

From the Kitchen
Rearranged frozen goods.
Outsourced turkey stock and chicken stock,
turkeys and beef moved to life support in the ice chest in the garage.

Around the House
Lando enjoying a new set of military Legos, blasting every bad guy into oblivion.

We are Learning
peace and perseverance.

A Few of My Favorite Things
ripping books apart to use for different things
and knowing that my mother is coming for a visit in a month.

Plans for the Week
Wed: music lessons/errands, pit orch tech rehearsal
Thr: pit orch tech rehearsal, Mr Perfect returns home.
(He's in WA on business and I'm NOT bitter.)  ;)
Fri: pit orch performance
Sat: pit orch performance x2
Sun: church with friends and breakfast here afterwords

On my Mind
I bought a 50% off deal to a lovely hair salon so am getting a hair cut in the next few weeks.  VERY excited, it's been over a year and a half!  Just hoping I can find someone who doesn't freak out over curly hair nor think they're going to straighten it.

A Peek at My Life
What happens when you take an old 500+ page book and fold every. single. page. in half?

This, of course!

"But WHY?" you ask?
Because it can then be used to house holiday cards, mail, business cards, or, if it's going to sit in your library, book marks!

Care to Daybook?

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