Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life in the Pits

The recent run of MTA's Peter Pan took over our lives for the last few weeks, but the girls had such a fabulous time playing in the pit orchestra, it was well worth the upheaval.  There were about 10 runs of the 2.5 hour show, with Saturdays offered back to back time slots.

Here's the Rosebud after her first Saturday.
Call was at 2:30 and the last show had her home at 10:00.
This photo is taken about two steps into the house.
Think she was tired?

By the final Sunday the majority of the pit was slap happy and ready to close the show.  The girls' performance would require them to miss an important football game, but they were determined to support their team none-the-less.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the die-hard Steelers fan playing trumpet right behind them!

The viola (Daisy) and cello section.
(And the one good pit photo!)

If you look closely to the top of Daisy's music stand just to the right of her stand light, you'll notice a collection of feathers sticking out.  They were from the ostriches performing on the stage above.  Sure was easier to manage than the fairy dust that fell into the pit the first few shows.  Fairy dust and strings just don't mix well.

What a whirl wind that was, though I'm pretty sure the girls are hoping there is another one not too far off.

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  1. Woo-ee! That sure is a whirl-wind! At least it has a start and an end, and isn't year-round.



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