Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window ~ clear blue and still skies, bright fuchsia bougainvillea, some flowers and shrubs needing a little love.

I am thinking ~ I have a fabulous life.

I am thankful for ~ said fabulous life.

I am creating ~ a clean refrigerator (not sure what was stabbed to death on that top shelf), and some plans for the New Year.

I am reading ~ Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Prescription for Herbal Healing, Extreme Gardening, Gardening in the Desert, and Forty Loaves.

I am hearing ~ children chattering over lunch.

I am praying ~ that Old Betsy sells soon, but not too soon.

From the kitchen ~ a grocery list for tomorrow.  (I know, not very exciting.  But we're cleaning out the leftovers, so there isn't much new and exciting going on, culinarily speaking.)

Around the house ~ a clean and re-ordered garage (Mr Perfect needs room for woodworking), double vacuumed and shampooed carpets (wearing too fast and we can't tile, so we're shifting to 'shoes off at the door' for those who live here), and restacked bunks in the boys room along with another coffin sized storage container for Legos.  (Think they have enough?)

I am learning ~ self control.

My favorite things ~ when Mr Perfect calls and says he's bought the rest of the book cases needed to finish our library.  :)

Plans for the week ~ unloading bookcases, cleaning bookcases, moving bookcases, assembling bookcases, reloading bookcases, World Tour Wednesday, New Year's celebration with some friends, Sabbath, bringing Daisy home, pit orchestra rehearsal for the girls, orchestra . . .

On my mind ~ I plan until I'm blue in the face so God has something to laugh at.  :)

A peek at my life ~ well . . .

On Christmas morning I was reduced to this . . .

Because I had opened this . . .

Which also looks like this . . .

Is quilted like this . . .

And upon closer look, looks like this . . .

And this . . .

Thank you, Mom, it's truly one of the loveliest things I own.
If the house goes up in flames this is the first thing I'm grabbing.
The children are on their own.


  1. What a beautiful quilt!!! I just love gifts like that - giving and getting them!

  2. Your attitude is uplifting for me today! Thanks for sharing.

    To your last comment at my blog:
    ~I was starting to wonder if I'd offended you or something since I hadn't heard from you in so long. Glad you found me again!
    ~I turned in my resume (which has been getting dusty for 9 years). I don't even know if they are hiring at the transcribing place but it's worth a shot. I'm a fast learner. And I obviously have too much extra time on my hands (see blog, haha)
    ~When I am finished schooling kids I will probably take an accounting an book keeping course. I already do all of that stuff but I've never taken an actual course and my MIL says it's what I was born to do (meticulously organize and calculate). I take that as a compliment.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Ha I love your sense of humor!!! "the children are on their own..."


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