Monday, December 20, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window ~ bright clouds whisping in.

I am Thinking ~ I hope the title for Old Betsy shows up so we can get her on the market.

I am Thankful For ~ gifts of home grown, yick free, home smoked bacon!

I am Creating ~ not much.  Have not been in the creating mood lately.  Need new fabric, new inspiration, time, etc.

I am Reading ~ Raising a Modern Day Knight, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, Mediterranean Fresh, The Juicing Bible, Flatbreads & Flavors, the Garden of Eating.

I am Praying ~ for Dana.

I am Hearing ~ a 4-man kitchen cleaning crew.

From the Kitchen ~ Christmas Yummies!  Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies, Raspberry Linzers, Chocolate Malted Sandwich Cookies, Rum Cake . . .

Around the House ~ Girls are planning their first quarter of studies, I'll start on the plan for the boys soon.  Spelling placement tests - zzz . . .

We are Learning ~ We've know that we are outsiders - but we are now learning to what degree.

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ boys cranking on math, a surprising spelling placement score, an unexpected visit, girls learning how to manage the world in a safe setting.

Plans for the Week ~ deliver girls to pit orchestra practice, upper body massage, lessons/errands/gift delivery, rehearsal for Rose, Christmas Eve service (11pm - what were we thinking?), Christmas, another pit orch. practice . . .

On my Mind ~ Mary.  As in the mother of Jesus.  Such an amazing example.  I remember being days away from child birth, and had my husband said, "Let's go for a days-long donkey ride to the center of unfriendly-ville."  I would have had a problem.

A Peek at My Life ~ Pioneer Woman Short Ribs.  Don't you wish you wish we had some sort of aromatic smelling upgrade?

Care to Daybook?

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