Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reining in Technology

I didn't have to wait until tomorrow!

Went out to breakfast with the Rosebud (which is quite a treat for us) and then took her to finish up her Christmas shopping.  Upon return home we headed off to practice, clean, and manage all the things we've left unmanaged this week.  After cranking for a bit I decided to do some sit-down cleaning.

I use Google Reader to read blogs and cut my subscriptions back quite a bit.  It was hard, there are so many fabulous people out there, so many good reads, so much information.  But just because something is good, doesn't mean I have to read it.

The problem I had with the Google Reader, however, is that if I was hooked up to a blog via Google Friend Connect, the Reader wouldn't let me unsubscribe.  Ack!  So, I 'stopped following' every blog via Friend Connect, then went back to Reader, and unsubscribed to the ones I had decided upon.  Now I only have to deal with Reader to pick up and delete subscriptions.


Now I think Napalm needs some redecorating . . .


  1. Good for you! I like wiping the slate clean and starting fresh - re-evaluating everything. (I've thought about moving every single thing out of my house and only moving about half of it back in, but that's a bit daunting...)


  2. Aha! So that's what happened to my 8th follower :P haha no worries! I didn't post much anyways.

  3. I second what Robin said! *wink* I use Google Reader as well, and rely on my folders quite a bit. I have all my feeds sorted according to subject, and some folders only get opened when I have spare time...ummmm, which isn't very often!! lol


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