Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please Pray . . .

A lady from the Lounge lost her son in the same sort of freak accident that killed Alex.  If you would pray for her and her family when she comes to mind, I'd so appreciate it.  She has the toughest years of her life ahead of her.

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  1. Q I had no idea. I just read Dana's story and about your little Alex. I can't even begin to image. My insides hurt just thinking about it. We have one tall, thin bookcase that we have always secured to the wall (each time we move) but never considered dressers. My entire perspective has been altered. My little girl has just started (in the last two weeks) figuring out how to open her bottom dresser drawer and pull clothes out.

    My heart aches for both of you ladies and I will often lift your names up in prayer.


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