Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Update in Photos

Either the desktop or blogger is possessed this morning, so we'll see if this post even makes it through the production phase.

We had a large gathering last week, and an attendee/dear friend left this pack of coasters for me.  I like it!

Here's me, enjoying a nice football nap on the futon.  Actually, it's me, trying to enjoy a football nap on the futon and failing miserably because Daisy (left) had to join me.  (And no, the futon wasn't laid out flat, so it was cozy.)  And when Daisy joins me, it's just a question of time before Rose (center) is going to show up, invited or not.

Can you hear Mr Elton in Emma when he sat down in between Emma and Mr Knightly?
"I hope I'm not intruding."

Mr Perfect, Lando, and Han Solo have been staining the dining table and benches.  After shooting this photo (which Blogger will not load correctly, sorry) Lando said he was having fun, but that it wasn't as good as playing football.

Cranberry Sauce!  I made lots yesterday, and a healthy slosh of San Sebastian Port found it's way into about half of it.  YUM!  Each year I get my camera because the berries are SO pretty, but it just does not do them justice.  And the colors on the foam once they get boiling - cranberry, pink, orange, all marbled together . . . if you've never made your own cranberry sauce before you're going to have to do it just once to see those colors.

Then a rather spiffy friend, blogger, artist (hand her a medium, virtual or physical, she does it all.  And if she doesn't, she will) sent this sweet little package.


I may write the titles (yes, I can write really small) of a book or two that I want to read each month on the calendar bookmark.  The notebook will live in my purse, but am afraid it will get boogered up in there (my purse is nice and neat, but still) so I just may have to whip up some sort of sleeve to put it in first.

Yes, I'm a geek.  But the gifts I receive are kept in really nice shape!  :)

Off to sew!

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  1. I hope my kids never get to big to pile on the sofa together!


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