Monday, November 29, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Clear blue skies, bougainvillea dancing in the breeze.

I am Thinking
About what in the world I'm going to feed the Fab Four tonight in between Youth Orchestra, Auditions, and ProMusica.
I.V. Drip, Anyone?

I am Thankful For
A steady, thoughtful husband who doesn't just follow
the rest of the herd
or make such wild turns in life that the rest of us are thrown.

I am Creating
Super cute gifts for my niece.
(Seriously, she may not get them, they're cute!)

I am Reading
Just finished the Backyard Homestead and am picking up
a a book about organic desert gardens tomorrow.

I am Praying
for two ladies from The Lounge who are a little down about the way their families are currently operating.

I am Hearing
Daisy and Rose practicing for the ProMusica Christmas Concert.

From the Kitchen
Turkey soup - what else?  :)

Around the House
Padme' and Leia finishing up their novels for nanowrimo,
boys studying,
ironing DONE!

We are Learning
That sometimes we simply have to obey,
even if it's not a perfect fit.

A Few of My Favorite Things
New babies!
This is Padme' with her new baby sister,
who arrived the day before Thanksgiving.
(To her dad and step-mom, not me!)

Plans for the Week
I don't know, the calendar is on my laptop!
Something, I'm sure.

On my Mind

The boys turned 11 years old.
So little time, so much to instill!

A Peek at My Life

Dog sitting!
Her family went to Disney for 10 days.
She sure looks distressed, doesn't she?

Care to Daybook?


  1. Hello again :D Love the pics - my boys walked by as I was reading and zoomed in on your boys playing with swords... too bad you aren't next door!


  2. I hope you have a extra nice week!


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