Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Clear blues skies and looking forward to a high of 68.  Finally!

I am Thinking
The above mentioned clothing shift is going to require some shopping afterwords.

I am Thankful For
Mr Perfect's arms.

I am Creating
A few gifts for National Tie One On Day, and a super cute purse that was a Christmas gift, but now I'm going to use it for something else.  :)

I am Reading
The Return of the King - and a few other books in between those chapters.

I am Praying
For a good Thursday meeting, a lovely Friday gathering, and blessings over both.

I am Hearing
Boys cleaning their bathroom.  I never knew there were sound effects for bathroom cleaning!

From the Kitchen
A grocery list!

Around the House
Buckets of winter clothing - we're finally able to swap out for the seasons today.

We are Learning
To simply rest in God's promises.

A Few of My Favorite Things
Quiet time, Chaos, my itouch, giggling girls and snuggly boys.

Plans for the Week
World Tour Wednesday, Financial Counseling meeting Thursday, Sabbath and Dessert for the Displaced on Friday, soccer on Saturday, church on Sunday, orchestras Monday.

On my Mind
God gave me these boys because I don't know how to be kind, and it's a skill I need to learn.

A Peek at My Life
This may have to come later when I can get to the desktop.

Care to Daybook?

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  1. Love the peek into your day, and the way you've adapted your daybook :D



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