Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
clear blue skies, hot as usual.

I am Thinking
The Lord, as usual, may be answering a need in an odd sort of way.  I love his (apparent) unconventionality, it keeps me on my toes and amazed at his ways!

I am Thankful For
Sweet fellowship and precious like-minded believers.

I am Creating
Novel writers, it's Nanowrimo!  The girls have worked through the 100% Non-Lame Workbooks and have started their books.

Here's the link if you are an adult interested.

I am Reading
Return of the King, finally having finished Two Towers.

I am Praying
that a shift in priority for the time being proves a blessing.

I am Hearing
the never-ending hum of the a/c.

From the Kitchen
Chicken Orzo Feta salad.

Around the House
A violinist practicing, a violist on her way to do the same, Lando giggling over a good book, HanSolo working diligently on math.

We are I am Learning
that every single problem does not have to be 'fixed' this very second.

A Few of My Favorite Things
well, NOT the latest pumpkin spice latte recipe I tried.  Needs some tweaking!

Plans for the Week
soccer practice, World Tour Wednesday, youth orchestra meeting, a financial meeting, not sure what else.

On my Mind
a new performance opportunity for the girls.

A Peek at My Life
The cupcake making contest last Tuesday was a hit.

Daisy and Han Solo were Team 1 with
"5 Times the Chocolate" cupcakes.

Mr Perfect and Lando were Team 2 with
"Whipped Cream Surprise" cupcakes.

Rose and I were Team 3 with
"1st Place Whipped Chocolate Delight" cupcakes.
(Rose made them, I named them.)

Care to Daybook?


  1. Hurray, you made it through to The Return of the King :D (And nearly half the book is appendices, which are unnecessary, IMHO...)

    Oh, the cupcakes look very tempting!

  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe? How many are there out there? Do share what you come up with!

    I have the Nano workbooks saved on my computer but haven't used them yet - did your kids like them?

  3. The girls have LOVED working through the Nanowrimo workbooks. This is a writing curriculum on it's own standing.


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