Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night Gowns and Sparkles and Spandex, Oh My!

This all relates in my brain.  Got your 'E' ticket?

~ Part 1 ~

This post had me laughing out loud.  Literally.  And I haven't laughed like that in a LONG time.  At the end of it I was thinking,

"Simply ignored the doorbell rather than getting the gun and shooting straight through the door."

"Dressed before 3:00."

~ Part 2 ~

I had arrived there via this post.

Mr Perfect and I were talking along these lines not long ago.

As a home-educating-keeper-of-the-home-housewife, we are often our own encouragement, and let me tell you, that does not last long.  If you aren't living in community with other like-minded people, it's that much harder.

When I was working I got yearly reviews that told me where I was doing well and where I could grow, annual raises that showed me I was increasingly valuable to the department, appreciation, high fives, and hugs from co-workers for juggling bazillion dollar projects, and gift cards, bonuses, and/or flowers from bosses when I totally saved their bacon.

There was also the general chit chat with co workers that would often include a compliment on a good hair day, a new outfit, looking great, whatever.

Now don't get me wrong.  I know that the payoff for being a home-educating-keeper-of-the-home-housewife is beyond this stuff, and that the blessings there are indeed eternal.  But that doesn't mean that hearing a word of appreciation or encouragement isn't absolute gold.  A single word can be a monsoon storm in a desert.  (That's probably the first spring bulb poking its head up for those of you with more than two seasons.)

So I've been thinking about this lately and relating it to myself - because I'm selfish and that's what I do.  But I eventually came around to,  "What is excellent and praiseworthy?"

I live in Arizona.  In the desert.  It's hot.  I mean like the rest of the country is basking in the beauty of fall and sweaters and snugly socks, and our a/c hasn't turned off since May, we are still in sandals, and we're still drinking gallons of ice water each day.  (And no, I'm not exaggerating.)  About 6 weeks ago I got up one morning, showered, and when I got out of the shower the thought of putting real clothes on was NOT appealing.  I mean - it's already hot, and bra and panties and skirt and top and sandals ~ EW!  So I put on a clean night gown.

It was heaven.

And I've pretty much been doing it ever since.

But one lets I let one thing go, and then another, and another.

So this morning I passed the bathroom mirror on the way to breakfast.  Hair that had been braided the night before, tired face, no make up, nightgown/robe . . . and this is what sits across the table from Mr Perfect.

This is not excellent or praiseworthy.

Insert really big sigh of conviction here . . .

~ Part 3 ~

Since then I've been milling over this post.

This barn started to read more and needs to continue in that.
This barn started a lovely bible study and needs to continue in that as well.

But now . . .

this barn needs to get dressed in big girl clothes for the day.
this barn needs a little make up so she doesn't look like Morticia Addams.
this barn needs to get back into Chaos and sew.

And . . .

this barn needs to lose 15 pounds as well but is afraid to go there because the failure rate for the last 10 years has been a solid 100%.

Coming Full Circle

No, the barn doesn't need these things for the approval of man.  That's neither wise or biblical.  but the barn needs to work on this stuff because the barn doesn't want to 'let it all go'.  The barn doesn't want to be in a never ending slump.  The barn wants to be praiseworthy, regardless of whether or not it comes.

We're coming up on November.  It's got 30 days.  I'm toying with the idea of some group push to work on whatever we have to work on, depending one who is interested.  On one hand I'd love to do something so we could all cheer each other on.  But on the other I hate to because my track record is about as pathetic as it can get.

If you have any thoughts, let me know.  Until then, I'm going to keep thinking . . .

So - did I completely lose you?  Did that all make sense to anyone but me?

No?  Well thank you for sticking with me none the less, I so appreciate it!


  1. I loved this post, as you well know. I completely understand and I would love to support you and encourage you in whatever area the Lord lays on your heart to start "painting." I'm doing my own inventory and writing out a priority list because I know I can't attack everything all at once. So find your top 2 or 3 priorities and start working. :-)

  2. You're making a LOT of sense. Love that article "If the barn needs painting..."

    You know about the situation I'm helping my friend with, but there's certainly plenty of work to be done closer to home. This barn needs plenty of work too... like regular exercise.

    I'm not sure I want to start a big push in November, though, with the whirl of activities related to holidays coming on. Destined to fail? But maybe that's just an excuse...


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Julie - it is absolutely an excuse for delaying another attempt. But I will try it again. I just hate to talk about it because I always blow it. My daughter wants to start something on Monday - perhaps we'll tackle this! I'd hate to wait until after the holidays . . . the barns lookin' pretty bad!

    Until then, Luma, the Tin Roof Merlot is really nice with your cookies! :)

  5. Her blog had me laughing too!!!

    In fact, I was thinking of something like this today when I left the grocery store.

    A baby kicking you in the ribs while trying to haul bags of grocery to the car and keeping your toddler from pulling everything off whatever rack she sees on her way out when you can't bend over cause of that rib kicking baby. TA-DAH!

    I'll encourage you in whatever area the Lord lays on your heart! :)

    Loved this post! It's encouraging :)

  6. A tip if you're going to work on losing weight. Don't go hard core, moderation will help you succeed. That's what I did back in the spring, along with a work out which I committed to for 12 weeks. A mutual friend of ours helped me. We'll talk about this later, but she can really help you and be a huge encouragement.

    In the meantime, enjoy the wine and cookies, but you don't have to give them up completely afterwards either.

  7. Why are you referring to yourself as the barn, missy?

    I've tried to make sure no one is still wearing pjs by the time Mr. Steady gets home in the evenings. I can tell it makes him happy. (Even if we all change sometime after lunch.)

  8. The link to the post in Part 3 explains 'the barn'. :)


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