Monday, October 18, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Woke to overcast and now clearing.  :(
High of 82, about ready to break out the sweaters!

I am Thinking
Lots to do today, get beans cooking, ironing, start a sewing project for a swap, tortillas to fry for tonight's dinner (tostadas).

I am Thankful For
The safe harbor that is my home.

I am Creating
A fall table runner for the above mentioned swap.

I am Reading
The Two Towers
(Harder to endure.  Fellowship of the Ring was so nice!)

I am Praying
1.  That Mr Perfect is excused early on from jury duty today.
(I told him to wear his Shooters World t-shirt, sport the "Public School: Aren't you worried about socialization?" bumper sticker, and take a stack of reading that included Constitutional Law, The Bible, and Living with Glocks.  He didn't go for it.)
2.  That we find a ride to orchestra for the girls if he isn't excused early.
3.  A safe return flight for some lovely friends.
4.  A productive dentist appointment for a new friend so he can comfortably continue his travels.

I am Hearing
The hum of the ceiling fan and heat pump - still - and not bitter about it.

From the Kitchen
Royal Tea Scones, sliced apples, and cappuccinos for breakfast.

Around the House
Boys doing a quick clean on the kitchen, girls getting ready for a day, I'm getting this post finished up and then I'm off and running too.

We are Learning
That the Lord uses intense seasons of isolation
to get us to focus on him.

A Few of My Favorite Things
A bible study I'm working through.
More on this later!

Plans for the Week
Orchestra rehearsals, World Tour Wednesday, soccer practice, vet appointment for Short on Thursday, Sabbath, Friends in and out late Friday through Sunday morning, soccer game Saturday, concert performances with ProMusica Saturday and Sunday. ("A Little Movie Music"  Buy your tickets here.  This concert is only $5 for students and $10 for adults ~ a steal of a deal, and the music is fantastic.)

On my Mind
I think the Lord has a different plan for us than what we originally thought - I just don't know what that is yet!

A Peek at My Life
Yes, in the desert, in October, you need shade to watch the soccer game.  Especially when the boys have 2 games in a row, and the first one starts at noon.  Who's bad idea was THAT?  What happened to the lovely 8am time slots that allowed for long sleeves, quilts, and a cappuccino in hand?

Care to Daybook?


  1. I love that bumper sticker!! Can I get one?

  2. I think he got it from

  3. Whoa. If one needs shade to be a spectator, how are the players holding up?! Lots of fluids, I guess... :D

  4. Spectators in the shade drink 16oz of iced tea per game. Players drink 16oz of water at the half and another 16 after the game. Then we all go home and race to the bathrooms!


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