Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Fall.  FINALLY!  High of 83 today and 60% chance of rain.
Yes, 'fall' is a relative term, but I'll take what I can get.

I am Thinking
I love the change of seasons.
New seasons, new projects, new beginings.

I am Thankful For
the perks that come with being set in my ways.

I am Creating
a list of things I need to make for the holidays.

I am Reading
Just finished Spiritual Mothering, it was really good and I expect to read it again.  Now I'm repeating Loving God With All Your Mind.  I read it long ago, loaned it to a friend, and years later it was returned, so thought I'd do some review.  And I'm not at all bitter about not having started the Lord of the Rings trilogy yet.  It has shipped, but is taking it's sweet, poky, slower-than-molasses-in-January-up-hill time in getting here.

I am Praying
For godly insight for managing future situations.
I've got my own ideas, but they need to be divine to succeed the way I want.

I am Hearing
Vivaldi on violin, so Rose must be finishing up a practice session.  Wolfhardt exercises being ramped up- so Daisy must be getting started.  A ceiling fan humming, and leaves rustling in a breeze.

From the Kitchen
Fresh ginger tea with lots of lemon and a shot of honey.
I've got a cold and it needs to go!

Around the House
Getting ready to put a menu and shopping list together.
Not terribly exciting, but it must be done.
I should probably clean my bathroom, but I'm sick.
Perhaps I'd better lay on the couch with a book instead.

We are Learning
The pain of dishonesty

A Few of My Favorite Things
Collaborating with Mr Perfect.

Plans for the Week
World Tour Wednesday, Finance Meeting Thursday,
Sabbath, Football, Orchestra rehearsals,
and a fun anniversary on Tuesday!

On my Mind
The Cecil Beaton quote from my last daybook entry.

My interest does not lie in wanting to fit in with society.  I want to move steadily and purposefully against the norm.  I'm not interested in playing it safe, but in taking calculated risks in attempt to leap towards the best that Christ has for me.  Slaves of ordinary society, moving happily along with the rest of the herd - no.  There is no spark in ordinary, no thought required, nothing different.  Where have I allowed it to creep in?  I smell a mission.

A Peek at My Life

Rose has recently turned 12.  Wish I could share the photo of her when she saw this gift, but blogger is loading it sideways.  (Grr)  Anyway, she was very happy!

Care to Daybook?


  1. I'm sorry you are sick. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Fall - yaaaahhhh! Holiday lists - yikes, they are still floating around in my head. I should write them down and relieve the stress. I live the FedEx shirt. Did that house already come painted for is it a paint yourself project?


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