Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Favorite Places

Lake Louise ~ Banff National Park, Canada
(Even if I'm not staying at the Fairmont Chateau)

Windows on the World
Located on top of the WTC prior to 9/11.
Insert collective sigh here . . .

Lazienki Palace ~ Warsaw, Poland
(Poland's Pemberly, I'm sure.)

My Parents' Home ~ Heaven on Earth
Mesa Antero in the Collegiate Peaks Range, Colorado

Either winter or summer - I love it all.

Thomas Jefferson's Library at Monticello
(OK, never been there,
but I'm pretty sure this would be a favorite place!)

The villa used to film Much Ado About Nothing
Villa Vignamaggio, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
(Never been here either, but a girl can dream, right?)

Alright, back to reality . . .
In an audience watching Rose perform.

In an audience watching Daisy perform.

With spectators watching the boys play soccer.


But my most favorite place?  ~  In my husband's arms . . .


  1. that was a really great post. I love how your favorite place was in your husband's arms. Really sweet. Those were some really nice pictures as well.

  2. I love your parents place! I lived in Colorado for 2 years and it is by far the BEST state I have ever lived in (lived in NY, CO and currently reside in WA). And of course, it is so sweet that your favorite place is in your hubby's arms.

  3. I love your parents place in Colorado! I lived in CO for 2 years and it was by far the best place I have ever lived! (Lived in NY, CO and WA is currently where I reside). Of course I love that your favorite place is in your hubby's arms. So romantic and sweet!

  4. Your parents' place looks gorgeous! How can you stand to leave it? :-)

  5. Thank you, Ladies!

    I can't stand to leave it. Only one thing forces it ~ our need for Mr Perfect's job!

  6. What a lovely list! How wonderful that your parents' home is such a treasured place for you ... and "in my husband's arms" almost leaves me speechless. Great post!

  7. Hi I came over from Jan's blog...the last pic is my fav too...(my own hubby of course!

  8. Those were awesome! Great way to work in those places/people that are most important!

    I live about an hour from Monticello. Haven't been there since I was a kid. Hope to make a field trip there within the next year!

  9. I full face picture! You are beautiful!!!

    What lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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