Thursday, September 23, 2010

Got Books?

A recent comment got me blog-vising, and . . . well, you know how one thing leads to another, right?

Callapidder Days is hosting Fall Into Reading, September 22 - December 20, 2010, and it couldn't be easier to participate.  All you have to do is make a list of books you're going to read, post them to your blog, and get reading!  Whether your list is 20 books, or 2, it doesn't matter.  Be sure to stop by her blog, check out the info, and READ!  :)

I noticed one gal had even posted a list of books her son was going to read.  What a great idea!

So - my list?

The Hobbit: or, There and Back Again
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I tried reading these years ago and just could not get into them.  It was torturous and I stopped after a few chapters.  However, now that I've seen the movies a few times, I may be able to better stick with the books.  I started The Hobbit the other day, and have ordered the LOTR trilogy - those should be here by the time I'm ready for them.  The above links are the versions I have/have ordered - lovely!

Put a list together and go sign up.  See you behind the books!


  1. I read The Hobbit many years ago. My husband loves the Trilogy. I just don't think I can make that kind of commitment right now. I like the movies though.

    Maybe in like ten years I'll be ready. When I'm not on diaper patrol.

    Have fun!!

  2. What a surprise to see you signed up for the challenge! lol I have never read the LotR books, can you believe it? I think I will add them to my TBR list, for another challenge maybe? Happy reading! :O)

  3. I hope you'll stick to reading the trilogy, it really is glorious. I got all three books for my birthday 6 or 7 years ago and I loved them.

  4. I read the Hobbit to the kids. It made my mouth tired, but everyone loved it.


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