Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall in the Desert

Every year about this time I have a bad case of Green Monsters.  Every blog post, magazine article, etc. is pointing to fall, the changing colors, the sweaters, the throws and cozily sipping hot tea while reading a fabulous book . . . the loveliest of images and ambiance.  I can almost smell the crisp air . . .

But not quite.

You know you live in the desert
and are dying for fall
when even though it's a perfect temperature inside,
you put the ceiling fans on 'high'
so you can be chilly
and spend the morning in a wrap,
light a fall-ish scented candle
and pretend,
even if only for a few brief hours,
that it's not going to be

one. hundred. and. four. degrees. today.


  1. Oh I know. But I am lucky to have the nice temps. I just have the green eye because of the decorations and clothes that I can't get. But I am so blessed. God, is so good.

  2. c'mon over. Our high was 68 today. It will be snowing by October 15th. There will most likely be a white Christmas. We will be covered in ice by January, which won't thaw 'till March, and it will still be snowing well into April. Ahhh, the mountains in fall, and winter, and spring.... makes me wish for summer in Arizona! :D

  3. The grass is always greener, isn't it? :)

  4. I'm longing for a dry, crisp-nights-and-sunny-days fall.

    We mostly get WET.

    The grass IS always greener! But I'm not envious of 104.


  5. I gave you The Versatile Blogger Award today. Check out my blog!

  6. This is the one thing keeping me from moving to a warmer climate - even though I hate Massachusetts winters more and more each year!


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