Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Swiss Chard and Basil waiting to become dinner this week.

I am Thinking
People were not this back-stabbing, accusatory, and insecure
when I was growing up.

I am Thankful For
My husband, who never laughs at my occasionally unconventional ideas.
(Wait until you get to the 'Peek at My Life' photo!)

I am Creating
A menu plan/grocery list for the week.
(I know, not very exciting!)

I am Reading

I am Praying
With thanksgiving for my fabulous life!

I am Hearing
Keyboard keys and the hum of the heat pump.
(But need to be hearing the coffee maker - be right back!)

From the Kitchen
Coffee strong enough to put hair on your chest.
(What was I thinking?)

Around the House
(Except the dogs who are patrolling out back.)
A Few of My Favorite Things

Plans for the Week
World Tour Wednesday, swim lessons,
Mr Perfect's birthday, dental appointments,
girls night out for Daisy, financial accountability meeting,
Sabbath, concert with Daisy,
company for dinner Sunday,
Laser Surgery on my left eye Monday.
([Groaning] - is it time for the left eye already?)

A Peek at my Life


We've recently put some different pieces of furniture to use in the family room, thus crowding this corner where an old dining table used to sit under the window.
How else do you make room while keeping the work space available for the boys?
Cut the table in half!


  1. Cutting a table in half is BRILLIANT! Whodathunk?

    Your week is going to be busy, but if anyone can handle it, it'd be YOU! Good luck with the laser surgery and let us know how it all turns out.

    Warm hugs,

  2. LOL! Did you actually cut that table in half?

  3. I LOVE that you cut your table in half! Ingenious, I think I'm going to prowl around my house looking for something to cut in half! It worked out so well for you. . .

  4. Jan - thank you for your wishes!

    Jessica - technically, Mr Perfect did it for me. If you look at the boys, they are each sitting at one of the halves. They really like it.

    Heather - just don't try it with family members, ok? ;)

  5. "People were not this back-stabbing, accusatory, and insecure
    when I was growing up." Are you kidding me?! Of course people have always been this way. You're just getting too old to remember. :-) Hee hee!


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