Monday, August 9, 2010

NOT Back to School Blog Hop ~ Your School Room!

I always have to laugh when I see things like this, as I am so not interested in having an institutional room in my home.  (Had to add this - check out some of the rooms that families have put together at the link below - bright, cozy fun, not so teacher's-desk-at-the-front-drones-sitting-in-little-rows.  Yeah!)  No, I'm not saying it's bad, or you're wrong, or that I can't be your friend if that works for you.  It's just not my thing, that's all.  For me, I just can't see being in a room for hours a day when I have an entire house at my disposal, know what I mean?

Here's what we have instead . . .

The Supply Closet
Not to mention workbox room.

The Girls' Locker
No combination needed.

The Library
Well, part of it, at least.

The Cafeteria
Ours never closes and no dorky hair nets required.

The Medicinary
Dispensing required supplements: Godiva dark chocolate, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, cappuccino and the like.

Command Central
Tapestry of Grace binder close at hand, schedule for the day, laptop, water, camera, etc.

The Counselor's Office
You know, the Wonderful Counselor!

The Principal's Office/Student Support Office
Parent/teacher conferences, tutoring, discipline, think tank conventions, etc.

See?  No dedicated room required, just a home!  :)

Interested in seeing more ideas?  Look here!


  1. Very fun school indeed! I wanna come to the cafeteria! We have a dedicated area for our goodies and do some things in our room-but more of it is done all over the house too-I just needed a place to keep this stuff! It was spreading like a disease and cluttering up the whole house. I have tamed it and usually use the room for my crafty needs more than anything. Nice post and thanks for sharing!

  2. love the library - have a great school year

  3. Oh I love it!

    So tell me about this blog hop... how does it work? Do they pose a question or topic once a week? Month?

    Love the tour of your school / house :D

    Actually, I like having a dedicated school room, though we're certainly not confined to it. Keeps distractions at bay... including the Principal. (Who works in his executive garage office and tends to enter the house frequently, and often talking.)

    But whatever is working for you (or anyone else) is GREAT!


  4. Oh gee... and the link was right there. Duh.

    I figured it out :D

  5. No Julie! It WASN'T there when I first posted. Your request for info was what reminded me to get it hooked up. It was completely MY, "DUH!" :)

  6. Just stopping from the Blog Hop! I love your library!! And the chocolate dispensary!! lol!

  7. I love it! I'm growing a desire to have lots of bookshelves and to fill them instead of having my books in random spots all over the house.

    Not back-to-school brought me here!

    I'm your newest follower!

  8. I'll take a cappuccino and that beautiful bed please!

  9. I love it! Do you know it would take an act of God for me to be able to photograph that many areas of my home on one day? :)

    That supply closet/workbox room is AWESOME!!!

  10. Just found the blog hop and yours is the best room so far, with its supply of medicine, err chocolate and coffee :) Love it!

  11. I love that supply closet and library!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful school year.


  12. love you learning spaces. great library.

  13. Love your storage closet and *DROOLING* over your bookcases-wow!! Thanks for sharing!


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