Friday, August 13, 2010

Got Stalkers?

You know, there is truly nothing new under the sun.


Being followed and/or chased?  Been there.

Virtually stalked and gossiped about?  Let me count the ways.

I'd take being followed/chased over virtual stalking any day.

The virtual stalking deuce is usually someone who knows who you are, but doesn't really know you ~ an acquaintance, either virtual or real.  There is often something about you that they not only don't understand, but don't want to understand or something to which they hold a completely different opinion, yet feel some burning desire to be in a snit about.  You can't tell who they are or who's packing what, because you can't see forked tongues and double-faces through a screen or behind a smile.  Unlike the unabashed pursuer in a follow/chase situation, these people don't want you to know what they're doing.  They just want to do it, have something to hold against you, and gossip about it with their friends.  It's quite cowardly.

Of course when things like this come up in my life, my first question is "why?".  I mean, anyone who knows us (in either real life or virtually) can contact us.  We have three phone numbers, an address, two email addresses, two blogs, and even facebook available if you are trustworthy enough.  Anyone truly interested in why we think something certainly has venue enough to ask.  Another confusion here is that I disagree with what people say or do all the time, but do I really have to idly chatter to the world all I find wrong and with whom?  And then, of course is the question - do these people really have nothing more productive to do than to read blogs and try to access facebook posts of people that they don't like in the first place?  (Yes, that was a collective, "Please get a life." that you heard.)

So . . . why us?

Well, we have a fabulous family.  (Yeah, there may be a little bias there.)  We are a rebellious lot that does crazy things like stay home, take care of each other, take care of our home, train our children, study, have fun, laugh, cry, sleep, etc.  If an idea or a subject comes up we research it from every angle (my department), question it to within an inch of it's life (Mr Perfect's department), hold it up against the bible and see what the Lord says.  We are way far from perfect (yeah, I know, "Amen"), but do what we can about the things of which we're aware, choosing carefully whether to participate in them or not, to allow those ideas to settle into our home or not, to support them or not.  We have strong beliefs, thoroughly researched, and we don't change them just because a heavy wind starts blowing in the opposite direction.

I'm telling you, we're absolute freaks.

You should be concerned, very concerned.

And we've procreated, you know ~
there are four more coming along behind us
and they are set to be released upon society at large
in the next 4-8 years!

Anyway, this freakish family of mine lives in a predictable state of being fodder for blog stalkers, gossips and the like.  The first incidents a few years ago I thought were flukes.  The second was deliberate and obvious, and I'm telling you, when it lands a guy on your doorstep repeatedly it certainly gets attention.  A more recent biggie left destruction far and wide in the hearts of not only myself and Mr Perfect, but my daughters as well.  It was hell week around here until the situation was fully confronted and we found lie after lie piled up by the accusers.  The latest appears to come simply from an interesting few, in an odd combination of places, in a snit over one thing or another that they'd all rather willfully misunderstand or respond to in an unbiblical manner.

It's amazing.  I mean, I like my life, it's currently a very good one.  But most of the world does (or would if they knew us) find us quiet boring.  Staying home, minding your own business, and living within your means is not conducive to excitement from the average point of view.  We can not discuss the latest tv drama, we don't know who made the cut on Dancing With the Strippers Stars, and can rarely tell you the title of the hottest movie at the theater.  I smell digression, do you?

So here are my questions ~

If you claim Christ and yet gossip . . .

1.  What kind of witness is that to your brothers and sisters in Christ?  And remember - you have brothers and sisters both immediate and universal, including your target.

2.  What kind of witness is that to much younger brothers and sisters in Christ?  Do you realize children are watching from either side, are sometimes involved, and are devastated by your hypocrisy?

3.  What kind of witness is that to the unbelievers around you and your target?  Because they're watching you and your target like a hawk, and already see very little difference between the people in the church and the people in the world.

There is nothing new under the sun, so I will continue steady on in the practice of what I believe.  There is nothing I can do to combat the destruction of witness to believers or nonbelievers, child or adult, except to continue living out my faith and trust that the Lord will provide whatever fruit He cares to exhibit in the life of this sinner and her family.

I'm about to get radical here, are you ready?

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.  Ephesians 4:29

And if that isn't enough, check out the first chunk of James.

And rest assured, I pray for my blog stalkers and gossips, and you know about those heaping coals.

I know - I've got to be stopped.
We could become a cult you know!

Home staying, hard working, Star Wars quoting, Austen reading, bible living, music loving, string playing, low maintenance, Polish speaking, sewing, researching, praying, shooting, photographing, blogging, facebooking freaks!



  1. Right on! Anyone truly following in the steps of Christ is not going to fit into the "norm" of society and is sure to be heckled about it.

    Don't give up! Keeping pressing toward the mark!

    Hope you have a lovely Sabbath!

  2. Where there's light, there's bugs.


  3. Love Julie's comment! Praying for you, totally frightening and weird blog friend!

    Jen ;-)


Please . . . Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Eph 4:29