Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Colorado Part 2

Remember at Uncle So and So's house when the carousel of slides was finished and you thought he couldn't possibly have any more to show you, but then he hauled out 3 more carousels?  ;)

Critter Management

One has to spread birdseed in 4 different areas so all the buds can eat, otherwise, the tougher birds/buds don't allow the little ones to eat!

This is, "Chubs".  He may not look like much here . . .

. . . but compared to a fellow critter you can see where he gets his name!


Early mornin' munchin'.

The bunnies, not to be outdone by Chubs and company.


Chubs and his twin brother Chubs II are on either side.


Remember Giselle in Enchanted?
You know, head out the window vocalizing a tune and the critters come running?  It's the same deal here, except one only needs the sound of the door closing and the bird seed being dropped.

They also look out for late-afternoon activity in the kitchen.  As soon as Mom starts moving about in there, you'll see a ground squirrel make the observation from some nearby rocks, and then run into a little wooded area near the house.  He's the scout/town forest crier and lets everyone else know that the salad bar of veggie peelings and stumps will be available shortly, and they all come running/scampering/flying.

Wolf Creek Pass - South Bound


There is never enough time to sit and enjoy this view.


 The trail up to a waterfall.  Didn't attempt it, wearing a skirt & sandals.
(Not to mention it was closed!)


Should have zoomed, it's really pretty.


This is closer to home, south of Flagstaff.  Pretty, but just not Colorado.


Hey, it's me!


OK, slide show over.

For those of you who endured, congratulations!  :)


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog with some adoption encouragement. I've really been needing it these days.

    All I've ever seen of Colorado was from the Denver airport and even that little bit has made me want to go back. It looks so beautiful!!

    Have you been able to get the chippies to eat out of your hand? It's a lot of fun!

    Thank you again for your encouragement!


  2. If you were standing at the edge of a cliff you'd look like Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice.

  3. Sure wish I had her figure! :)

  4. These are so beautiful. Hope your spirit was refreshed!! :-)

  5. I've replied to the last two comments that you left for me and then I just realize it's been going to "no reply".

    So here was my latest response. ;-)

    I was hoping to encourage some blogger friends that are in a discouraged rut. I've been there and I don't like it (being there myself that is).

    I worry about some people that get so hung up on the why me and self pity part that they discount our powerful Savior.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Oh those area all GORGEOUS pics. I think I would love Colorado, (visited once in 1976). The mountains, the four distinct seasons... beautiful.


  7. Beautiful pics! I would love to see a face-full shot of you sometime. ;-)

  8. I really enjoyed your pictorals and hope to someday see Colorado! Now I know it is as beautiful as they say.

    Thank you also for continuing to "check up" on me at my blog. and for your encouraging words and prayers. I appreciate them!


    PS - to Jessica, how wonderful a friend to help encourage others in hard times. I myself find it hard to sometimes stay away from the "why me" and I actually wrote a post about it today. sometimes when it rains, it pours, but that doesn't mean God isn't still working behind the scenes ;)


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