Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Colorado Part 1

I tried to select just a few photos to share . . . but I couldn't get it down to a 'few'.  So yes, this is going to be like Uncle So and So's slide show that you had to go watch after he returned from 6 weeks in the middle of no where and had a million photos to prove it.  Lucky for you, we went somewhere and only for 5 days!  :)

Daisy was off to Pagosa Springs with her dad, but couldn't miss the first orchestra rehearsal.  So - her dad and family headed off, she stayed, and Rose and I took her to Pagosa Springs the day after rehearsal.  Being only 2.5 hours from my parents, it would have been sinful to not continue heading north for a visit.

Apparently, after eating a few chocolate covered espresso beans, one must make a goofy face that includes a mouth wide-open.

This is the quilt on the bed where we stayed.  So pretty!

And look what our hosts left on our pillows!

Notating orchestra music before bed.

Practicing at Mom & Jack's house.

Apart from the full orchestra joining her in the meadow,
does it get any better than this?

Pretties at a rest stop between Wolf Creek Pass and Kathy's Trunk.
(No, I don't know the towns, just the Pass and the Quilt Shops!)

Flora at my parents' house.


These are from a walk we took on the National Forest side, about 10 minutes up the hill from the house.

 The front yard.

And people wonder why it's hard to leave . . .

Coming up ~  Colorado Part 2:  Critter Management, The Pass, and Coming Home

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  1. Can I love everything about your pictures? Fun loving kids, violin practicing, nature! What's more shocking is that I know where Pagosa Springs is. My husband's uncles family lived there for several years recently.


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