Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last week I received a kit to make this in a box of goodies from my mother.  All the hardware and the pattern was included, and I was able to pick the perfect fat quarters (a gift from another dear friend) to put together the perfect project!

While the pattern is called "Veronica", I made a different version, "Victoria".  You see, Veronica is wide at the bottom and tapered at the top.  I'm already wide at the bottom and don't need more of that!  :)

A surprising lining, this olive green fairy frost - matches the little bit of green in the cover.  I deviated in the instructions just enough to get a pen pocket in there.

Best of all, this has given me another idea for a new design for Paisley Panache.

Thank you so much, Mom, this was great!

Don't you love inspiration?


  1. Ohhh... I love it!! The colors are so rich and well... delish!

  2. I want to buy that. Please hold for me! BEAUTIFUL. Years of being your friend have turned me into a paisley fanatic.

  3. JMC - Delish indeed, thank you!

    Los - My apologies, but I can not sell that purse. It was made from a copyrighted pattern and is thus not legally available to sell. However, perhaps you have a good friend who could make one for you. She'll need 3 coordinating fat quarters.

    Had to laugh about your new fanatic comment, keep hearing lyrics, "I could corrupt you . . . with my little finger . . " He he he . . .


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