Friday, July 9, 2010

The Scooter Report 1

Have you ever gone on vacation or otherwise have been separated from a pet and was wondering how they were doing?  You know - convinced within yourself that complete disaster is taking place leaving you in need of a little reassurance that all really is well and that you will all be together again?

Well, then you can relate and understand this post.  Consider it a postcard from a pooch!

While usually our visitors are here while their folks are vacationing, our latest guest is here for a little intensive work.  She's is the CUTEST white with a little black terrier mix, and she's so fair that you can see all the black spots on the skin of her pink belly.  Among other things, she's very skittish, normally REFUSES to get into her kennel, and has a slight potty issue that needs refining. Although she's still very skittish (it's ok, she has a little baggage) she's a quick study.  The potty issue and the refusal to kennel are both already improved, and she's figured out how to work the household.

See?  She already knows how to get the best seat
at snack time.


Not to mention the comfy spot when it's time to read.

Scooter is also moving through doorways with much more confidence, and has even dared entered the master bedroom, which she didn't dare do her first day.  Last night she 'went to bed' (her kennel) voluntarily (much easier than the first night) and this morning she's rediscovered toys again.

Her only distress is in our lack of willingness to share our morning cappuccino with her.  But apart from that, she's survived her first 36 hours from home quite well, and I hope to move on to a few can't-live-without commands soon.  (For her, not me!)

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