Friday, July 23, 2010

The Sacrifices I Make . . .

I always hate it when it's time for my massage and neck break chiro adjustment.  I mean . . . an hour . . . under the hands of a fabulous LMT for my upper body . . . yeah, it's awful I tell ya.  What's even worse, is that the office is right across the street from a simply divine quilt shop.  The only thing wrong with the store (other than that it's too far from me) is that the last owners didn't sell it to Mr Perfect and I.  Something about another party coming in with cash . . .

whatever . . .

Anyway, I'm co-moderating a new sewing group over at the Lounge.  This comes with responsibilities, and I figured I'd better step up.  It's not that I necessarily wanted to go to Quiltz, it's more that I needed to do some reconnaissance.  You know - find something inspiring that may help the greater good.

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt was too nifty to pass up.  My dream of an agrarian life desire to encourage the women in the new sewing group to take on long-term projects was too perfect a fit.


The first half of this book are photos of blocks and excerpts from letters sent in by women to a magazine to answer the question, Do You Want Your Daughter To Marry a Farmer?  This was the question for a contest back in 1922 and the editors of the host magazine (The Farmer's Wife) received over 7,000 entries.

The second half of the book lists the blocks, and simple instructions as to how many of what template number to cut, what shade to use, and how to piece them together.

And it comes with a disk that you can use to print out the templates needed.

There are 111 blocks used in the book, inspired by the original letters.

I smell a Block-A-Week challenge, even if only to myself!

And one certainly can't walk into a fabric shop and NOT buy some fabric.  (I'm pretty sure it's blasphemous.)

Being wine related, I had to have a piece of this - it will probably find it's way into a table runner.

Some yardage cuts to turn into new purse/organizer combinations for Paisley Panache.

My fat quarter bucket is dangerously low, so this little transfusion was a life saving necessity.  That and the other moderator said for us to build our stashes, and I ALWAYS do whatever anyone else tells me to do.

Wasn't it thoughtful of the shop people to conveniently place a bundle of blenders on the same table as the feature fabric?

The top one here is my favorite - it's so . . . BRIGHT!

I predict playtime in Chaos tomorrow!


  1. Play on- O'Paisley Babe! But don't break/crack/strain your neck.
    Are you coming up in the Fall?
    Just askin'.......

  2. Fun. Sounds like a terrible day. Smiles!! I am glad it was refreshing.


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