Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our First Sabbath

Tuesday, Mr Perfect suggested we begin to observe Sabbath.
Mmm . . . OK!  :)
The girls and I did a little menu planning for our shopping day on Wednesday.

By early Friday afternoon the Challah, was rising and the last cleaning was being done.

By Friday afternoon the cleaning was done, and the Challah in and out of the oven.
Can you tell which one I braided first?  ;)
A tad off, I grant you, but delicious none-the-less.

 By the time Mr Perfect got home from work,
the table was set,

and ready for food and appetites!
(That's a table runner I put together a few weeks ago.)

We had Pioneer Woman Pot Roast (however, after the browning, I threw ours in the crock pot) and oh yes, it was delicious with the San Sebastian Red we brought home from Florida a few months ago.  Dinner conversation was delightful.  Afterwords we enjoyed Mocha Frosting Brownies that Daisy made,
and retired to bed quite fat and happy.

Our Saturday was a lovely day of reading, enjoying the park, sewing, relaxing.  We cooked double on Friday and also prepared enough lunch and breakfast ahead of time for Saturday that there was very little work to do.  There was enough left that there was also little to do today (Sunday) which was a lovely bonus.

Being our maiden voyage, there were some things I was expecting.
1.  To learn a few things about Sabbath preparation.
2.  To come under attack for obedience to the Lord.

So what did I learn?
Make the Challah and clean on Thursday, leaving just cooking and last dinner prep for Friday.
And NO all day crock potting in the summer.  It's just too hot, even for the crock pot!

And how were we attacked?
We learned Saturday morning that the family in our condo is going to move out, leaving us 3 weeks to find and move in new tenants.  (We're in the process of refinancing our home and the re-fi company desires current leases on our rental properties - AAHHH!)  Personally, I worked hard to not be a mess and remind myself that the Lord knew about this long ago.  That afternoon we got a phone call from a man wanting to see the condo and set up an appointment after church today.  This morning ran into a dear friend at church and talked about what God can do in situations like these.  We split ways praying about the people coming to look at the condo.  The showing went very well, they took an application, and we expect to hear back from them anytime now.  They're a Christian family, and have already given notice at their current rental.  Moving into this condo would be a huge blessing to them.  And us.

No, it may not work out.  But that's ok - the Lord has a plan and we're simply waiting to watch it unfold.

Now - what to plan for dinner NEXT Sabbath?


  1. So are you new to observing Sabbath?

  2. Yes, Jessica, about a month. It's lovely!

  3. Thanks for the scripts. I'm so not good at thinking outside of the box sometimes. You made an excellent point.

    I'm still intrigued by your Sabbath keeping. I started about 11-12 years ago when I was 17 or so.

    Is it something new that you discovered through church or on your own in the Bible.

    (I couldn't respond via email b/c of 'no reply').

  4. Thank you for sharing. I didn't let the "warning" in this post go un-noticed. I know satan will be all over me as I approach this new way of life and I also KNOW that with God, I'll be ready.

    Blessings to you my friend!


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