Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cookies for Chaos?

Had to laugh when I realized how much I post about cleaning Chaos.  I guess I'm always just amazed at how messy the creative process is, and then of course once you're on a roll, who cares about cleaning as you go?

Anyway, here's how I got through the major clean/sort session I had the other day.

It started here and got worse, all that carpet that you can see in the photo was under about 18 inches of piles of fabric and piles, and both black chairs were under buckets of supplies.  I would have taken a photo, but I couldn't get to my camera.

Right about the time I didn't think I could push further, Leia brought me this . . .

which encouraged me to tackle this . . .

and then right as I was finishing up, she delivered this . . .

Whatever it takes to get the job done, right?


  1. Yum! I'm guessing chocolate chip cookie dough was brought as just the right time :) I think I like the dough better than the baked cookie.

  2. Oh, my! I love seeing the real side of people. That just as easily could have been my house. ;) Except for the child bringing you cookies and tea. Although the thought would be there, they are too small to do it yet! We have cleaning sessions once a week, as the "stuff" seems to build up until we realize it's too messy to continue the creation! Then we clean it all up and start again.
    God Bless!


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