Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Up Next!

WOW - I have no idea what in the world is going on.  Now blogger has some new post window and a funky and inefficient photo upload system that requires you to upload one measly photo at a time.  YUCK!  I have photos to share, but they are loading odd, side by side, and I don't know how to make them come up how I want.  SO - please endure until I get a grip!

We've recently put the bed from my parent's AZ house into their room here at my house.  I asked my mother what she wanted in there and my only instruction was, "Nothing Smarmy."  Understandable!  I had started picking up fat eighth bundles of Daiwabo at Quilt Market years ago, and even a bundle of yardage cuts.  They've been well stashed for years and it's time to put them to use, don't you think?

Neutral, and not a hint of smarm!

And the good news is that there are PLENTY of fat eighths left for use in other areas of the room.
Woo Hoo!


  1. Totally UN-Smarmy colors and Mom will be at home in that room!

    Love your new blog look, but I agree that Blogger is not behaving! No wonder I had a hard time uploading pics. scheez...

    No dog for now but I THANK YOU for your generous offer. I'm getting a new car instead. Go figure!

    How hot is it at YOUR home? Kinda nice here in the mountains. Wish you were closer so we could chat and have some wonderful cupcakes!


  2. Very nice. Those will make a beautiful quilt.

  3. Just dropping in to say - Yikes! re: blogger's new photo system... I just posted a bunch of photos and it really took me way more time than I had allotted for it! I may have figured it all out, and maybe will even get used to it.

    ALSO - I really like the color combination you have going on here... it will certainly be one gorgeous quilt when you are done.

  4. Are your folks moving in, or is that their guest room?


  5. Jan - You're welcome to the room anytime. Thought I'd advise not now - it was 113 the other day - blech!

    Luma/Sarah - Thank you so much!

    Julie - no, my parents are happily installed in CO. When I moved away from home my mother redecorated my old room and called it "The Shrine". I love it when my parents come, and the new bed in the guest room came from my parents, it was only natural to dub it "The Shrine" for them.


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