Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
boys skipping about as they do their morning routines.

I am Thinking
about the purse caddies I started making this morning.

I am Thankful For
3 LOVELY days with Mr Perfect.

I am Wearing
Bed Hair.
I rival Medusa, I'm telling you!

I am Creating
purse caddies to match all the purses I've been cranking out
for my online store.

I am Reading
Humility, True Greatness

I am Hoping
for the Lord to guard us carefully as we try something new with our finances.

I am Hearing
Padme' making breakfast.

From the Kitchen
Mini Frittatas.

Around the House
just getting back into the swing of routine after 3 days off.

One of My Favorite Things
The feeling of peace that is coming from some recent decisions.

Plans for the Week
World Tour Wednesday as usual and then DOGS, DOGS, DOGS!

A Peek at My Life

Lando and Han Solo
My parents are selling their AZ house, so we drove up on Friday to empty out what they no longer wanted. After dropping off a dear friend who helped, the boys got to ride UP FRONT, in the U-HAUL* WITH TATA.
They were in HEAVEN!

Care to Daybook?

*By the way - if you need to rent a U-Haul, use one of their main U-Haul only locations or call Ryder or Budget. Do NOT use a different business that does U-Haul on the side.


  1. Were you coming home with a U-Haul full of treasures, or helping them move their stuff?

    Oooo, show us what you're making for your etsy shop :D


  2. The AZ place is a second home that was furnished, so my dad packed what he and my mom wanted, and we hauled off the rest. Some will bless (is already blessing) my family and I, some will bless my brother and his family, and the rest we'll find appreciative homes for.

    I think I'm going to go with shophandmade.com, their fees are lower than etsy. Give me a few more days of sewing and then I'll get those photos up! :)

  3. Oooooo...What's a purse caddie????

  4. Well, I've found that, alone, these purses can be super cute black holes. True to the laws of physics, all the little stuff filters down to the bottom of the purse, leaving you having to dig endlessly through the big stuff to find your keys, lipgloss, cell phone, etc. So I made caddies that act as a frame - they stand up around the inside edge of the purse. This helps maintain the purse's form, has a bunch of pockets for the little stuff, and leaves the floor of the purse wide open for the big stuff. It also makes a large flat pocket of sorts between the back of the caddy and the side of the purse. They coordinate with the purses and are VERY helpful!

  5. Oh - and since the purses are reversible, it makes it easy to unload, reverse the purse, and reload.


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