Saturday, May 22, 2010

Toying With an Idea

So . . . we have this zillion dollar loan we used to pay for our international adoption. We had a pay off plan, and on top of it Mr Perfect picked up side jobs to buy it down at an accelerated rate. Then the economy crashed, pay was cut at the full time job, other expenses increased, and now most of those 'extra' funds go to normal cost of living. Not to mention the children don't see their father much apart from him sitting at the computer.

(And no, we don't regret our decision, and I'm not whining, just racking my brains trying to figure out what I can do to help alleviate Mr Perfect's work load.)

I sew. Not perfect, but I do a nice job. Purses, totes, zip pouches, book caddies (hang off the side of your bed), boutique-ish aprons, etc. I've had several people in the last two weeks ask me if I sell the things I make, a few have actually made purchases. If I built up enough sales I could go back to buying fabric at cost, thus increasing profits.

SO . . . do I crank out a dozen of a few different items, put them up on my blog and see what happens, or is this a fluke? A few of the things I've made are here.

What to do?


Two cents?



  1. My two cents say that you should open an Etsy store. Your stuff is gorgeous and well-made. You would have no trouble selling. Yes, people will buy your things and you could have one of those shops that makes custom items and you offer and few different fabrics to choose from. I had a toile diaper bag with my monogram made from an eBay seller years a few years ago that I still cherish. You seem to have the time and seem to almost do much of it for "free" (are swaps mostly free?) so why not for a bit of money? Hope that helps! Kim

  2. I'm with Kim! I have seen your lovely things on your blog and love them. Pray over each and every piece and then it is not only provision for your family, but time with the Lord and intercession for those who will purchase it.

    I am seeing a cute name, too!
    Q-ty Expressions or something like that!


  3. Allow me to use your sarcastic sense of humor on you: "Hello, I'm surprised 'Etsy' hasn't been screaming your name for the last couple of years." :-) You and Etsy, it's a no-brainer.


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