Thursday, April 8, 2010

What A Difference Two Years Make

Mr Perfect was in need of getting his fingerprints taken. You know, drive down town, hang out at the police department in swell company until they get to you, pay a fee, get inked for the prints, get oily to remove the ink, and then drive all the way home.

This has been requested so he can continue to take attendance for a youth orchestra for 4 more weeks - which requires no more interaction with the children than the rest of the parents who sit in the back for the hour of rehearsal.

But I digress.

One of the perks to international adoption is that by the time it's over, you have all sorts of interesting things, like extra copies of the fingerprint cards that were required to get U.S. approval to adopt. So this morning I hauled out the 'adoption box' and started rifling through forms, emails, certified documents, dossier guts, champagne corks and the like, so I could save Mr Perfect a fun filled afternoon downtown.

And I came across this . . .

This is one of the earliest photos we have of the boys, "Slawomir" and "Michal", taken not long after they were removed from their first set of parents. Come to think of it, it was shot not long before Mr Perfect and I started the adoption process again. It was taken as a Christmas photo - you know, when children are usually very happy and excited about the season, barely able to contain themselves. You know there was a photographer probably saying, "Smile!" Yet their faces show results of experiences that they should not have known . . .

Sigh . . .

Fast forward five years.

Lando & Han Solo
(They are in the same positioning as the photo above.)

Thank you, Lord, for such a change. Thank you for bringing my sons home. Thank you for letting your grace blur some memories, softening the edges of those rough spots. Thank you for blessing me with these children. Thank you for your mercy on their precious hearts.

And yes, I found the fingerprint card.


  1. Can you tell a boy that he's beautiful???? Too bad...I think they are just the cutest twosome and those dimples are brilliant. Such a difference, for sure, since you first saw them. The smiles on their faces truly are should be so proud!

    Hope one day to meet them!

    Many warm hugs to you AND the boys. Your family is truly blessed to have them in your lives.

  2. I have a five year before and after and it is striking. You are so lucky to have some early photos of your boys. The only photos my children have of themselves are the ones we took when we met them.

    Your boys are beautiful and they will have a better and richer life because of you and Pan Perfect.


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