Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ready, Steady, Go!

After finalizing the plans for our next quarter (which starts Monday) I went into the workbox closet to file the schedules and realized that since we've been on break I haven't been in there to spruce things up. What a sad sight!

Empty, forlorn workboxes that even have some art curriculum piled on top.

Piles of supplies in front of a box of stuff that "I'll deal with, eventually!"

Pitiful shelves holding things with not much rhyme or reason.

It was just too pathetic to leave, and I certainly didn't want to launch our next quarter working out of that mess. With Mr Perfect and the boys off doing a project themselves, and the girls taking care of a few things that needed their attention, I headed in, gutted and got a grip!

Look, you can even walk in there without tripping over supplies now!

Workboxes loaded up and ready for Monday.

The Art Curriculum got it's own bucket, so when the children do their work, only one needs to go in and bring out the one bucket. Much easier and neater than all four traipsing in and out. Duh!

Finished work to be collected in the box on the top left. Map, timeline, and other cds we need on the top right. Binders I use often for the boys on the next shelf, along with the folders for each week's schedule. Various supplies on the next shelf down and binders of curriculum on the bottom shelf, as we don't need to access them very often.

AND - just one little box of miscellaneous stuff in the box on the floor. Yeah!

So - while no, this is probably not the most exciting post in the world, it makes me happy ~ and this is my blog, I can be happy if I want to! :)

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  1. You rock! I'd like a lesson in your organizational theory sometime. The "work boxes" intrigue me!


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