Monday, February 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my Window
Clear blue skies, garden boxes growing veggies,
white petunias, high of 61.

I am Thinking
“Calm down people . . . it’s just a little lie . . .”

I am Thankful For
God’s omniscience.

I Am Wearing
Black jammies with rosebuds all over,
extremely cute flip flops,
and hair that has a life of its own today.

I Am Remembering
all the troubled time through with the Lord has brought us,
and each one for its own purpose.

I Am Creating
a new purse for the Rosebud.
And that last purse I made? Not happy about it!

I’m Going
to a fabulous book sale on Saturday!

I Am Reading
Teaching the Trivium,
Charlotte Mason Companion,
These Three Remain,
Pagan Christianity
Female Piety

I Am Hoping
for two happily settled churches by the end of the year.

On My Mind
being a kinder and gentler mother to my sons.

What We’re Studying
Starting Math-U-See with 3 out of 4 today!

Noticing That
playing in Chaos is like therapy for me.

Pondering These Words
“We know what a person thinks,
not when he tells us what he thinks,
but by his actions”.
- Isaac Basheuis Singer

From the Kitchen

Around the House
Mr Perfect typing away behind me,
children in various areas of the house,
pulling it together and getting ready for a great day.

One of My Favorite Things
the VNSA book sale!

A Few Plans for the Week
Ship Daisy off to Mexico with her dad,
Mr Perfect to Tucson,
a visit from my parents if we’re terribly lucky,

From my Picture Journal

Does your smoothie match your skirt?

Care to Daybook?

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