Friday, January 8, 2010

The Credit Hour/Fee Game

A caveat ~ I don’t get out much. Seriously. I leave the house twice a week, I don’t watch tv, I don’t read the paper. So while this may be no surprise to you, I was floored.

My husband is a math whiz. Seriously. He keeps books for 3 outside entities on top of our own business, real estate, and personal needs. He has a retired math teacher for a father and took upwards of 3 levels of calculus in college.

There are several side-teaching jobs around and he’d like to get one. But you need X number of credit hours in college math. OK, fine. He needs one more class. However – even though he is post-calculus, taking MAT122 is acceptable because all they want are the credit hours, and they don’t care about the levels as long as it’s 100 or above. So, he’s taking this class online in order to get his math credit hours bulked up so he can get a teaching gig.

He borrowed a book from a friend, enrolls in this online course ($70+ per credit hour, OMGosh!) and finds that one needs a code to access the class. You can either buy the new text book for $65 - and it has the code in it - or you can just buy the code if you already have the book – for $78!

You can’t sell your book back anymore, because it won’t have the access code to the class and even stupid people are going to realize it’s cheaper to just buy a new book than use a used book and buy the code.

And an "access code"? On top of tuition?

Can you spell S C A M?

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