Monday, December 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window

Grey overcast skies, windy.

Too bitter cold to walk this morning, hopefully later today.

I am Thinking

How I’ve enjoyed plenty of beautiful Christmas cookies

but am looking forward to getting back to more serious walking

and less serious indulging.

I am Thankful For

These last three days, which included

two days with Mr Perfect home, not only in body,

but in mind and spirit as well.


I Am Wearing

Wine colored polish on my toes.

I Am Remembering

How thankful I am that I live where I do.

I love my home, my neighborhood, my location, everything.

I Am Creating

Dishcloths and an embroidered gift for later this year.

I’m Going

Out to breakfast with Mr Perfect!

What a sweet end of a lovely Christmas weekend.

I Am Reading

Tapestry of Grace, Year Two, Unit One.

I Am Hoping

For a wonderful 2010 for a few special families.

On My Mind

Pulling in, gathering the reins, circling the wagons.

What We’re Studying

Nothing at the moment.

However we start our academic year next week!

Noticing That

It’s finally getting COLD outside!

Pondering These Words

“We could gather nuts!"

(Sorry, just feeling goofy and that was what was on my mind!)

From the Kitchen

Hot gingerbread tea.

Around the House

Currently, a beautiful quiet morning.

Morning routines, serious academic planning after breakfast.

One of My Favorite Things

Getting ready for a new academic year.

A Few Plans for the Week

Daisy off to her dad’s later today,

then lots of planning and setting up for January.

From my Picture Journal

I think Rose was pleased with the Ivanhoe DVD, don't you?

Care to Daybook?

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