Monday, December 14, 2009

Heaven, Anyone?

I so enjoyed my trip, I thought I'd share a peek!

Dec 3 ~ the drive leading away from the house.

Dec 5 ~ Just a few of a large flock of turkeys escorting us into the neighborhood.

Dec 6 ~ Taken out the office window on the day I was supposed to leave.

Dec 6 ~ Mom's Selvage Edge quilt.

Dec 7 ~ Since I was crashing a card swap party with Mom,
I made these bookmarks (each had different words on them) to add to the mix.

Dec 7 ~ A Stellar's Jay in the feeder.
I figured if we got snowed in and the food ran out, these tubs may do!

Dec 7 ~ Mom puts out bird seed and bunny food for the various critters.
The Stellar's Jays are pretty tough and keep everyone else at bay so I put birdseed on the window sill for these little guys.

Dec 8 ~ Woke up to this. We're not going anywhere!

Front yard with very little drive way to be seen.

The children stopped by in the afternoon.

Shamelessly looking at us after licking the birdseed out of the feeder.

Remember the birdseed I put on the windowsill for the little birds? This little one enjoyed it too.

Looking at my mom through the kitchen window.
"May I borrow a cup of sugar?"

Mom must told her what was for dinner that night and she must have thought that sounded pretty good!

Snowy faces from foraging - very cute!

Back to the birdseed on the window sill. Mom was on the phone this evening and I heard this very odd scratching and clanging by the front door. That glow in the dark spot just above the watering can is an eye. The deer had come back with a buck and one of them was trying to scrape off now frozen bird seed from the window sill.

Dec 9 ~ Mom's Bulls Eye Quilt. One of my favorites.

Wolf Creek Pass. Icy. It had been closed the day before for avalanches.

The van in Durango. We had it dug out, de-iced, started, and loaded within an hour. A few switchbacks, only 20 miles or so of concerning road and I was on my way.

Dec 10 ~ After enjoying safe haven in Taylor, my dad gave me an escort through the possibly concerning sections of road. We split ways in Salt Canyon and I headed home.

Is it time to go back to Colorado yet?


  1. Unbelievably gorgeous and THOSE DEER! How could you NOT invite them in for dinner? Bringing a friend back to lick up frozen bird seed? Makes me want to drop in alfalfa from a private plane. Next time, I'd be happy to accompany you on your road trip if you need a companion. How fun! Hope you had a great time with your folks as well.

  2. Wow, those pictures are amazing! Absolutely beautiful. Hope your time was peaceful.


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