Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Analogy by Han Solo

“Mom, my family is like a sandwich. Mommy and Tata are bread, and girls are ham. You need cheese so you go to Poland to bring me and Lando.”

Question by Lando

“Mom, what is this called when you mow your face?” (Shaving!)


  1. Sounds to me like Han Solo might be the Ham!

    Good reminder to write these gems down. :)

  2. They both are, Han Solo is just more overt about his ham-ness!

  3. that is cute!

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Do you visit Poland often?

  4. I'm afraid not. Our trip of Sept - Nov, 2007 was the first time Mr Perfect had been back since leaving in the early '80s. Since that trip involved an adoption x 2, we'll be paying off that trip for a long time - so no, we don't get to go back often. :( I would love to go every year in the fall, it was just beautiful. With any luck we'll be able to at least take the boys back for a visit one day.


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