Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Missing?

My mother was visiting these last few days and when she departed this morning she took my sewing machine to deliver to my dad for some maintenance.

Hours later after studying with the children I walked into Chaos to begin a sewing project and was greeted with this . . .

I'm telling you - sewing machines should NOT need maintenance. They should just run and sew with no trouble at all because outside of death, there isn't much sadder than a sewing machineless Koala cabinet! Yes, I'll set Rosebud's machine up to use in the mean time, but it's not going to be the same . . .
Yeah, I know . . . boo hoo!


  1. Oh I can only imagine how much trama this causes for you! There is nothing worse than missing things that bring useful joy!

  2. Yes, it's awful! Thankfully, my dad is a mechanically attentive sort of man, so my machine is fixed and ready to go. It should be home within two weeks. Not bad!

  3. Just found you through Nancy Wilson and have enjoyed reading a bit today. Our family just adopted a deaf 4-1/2 year old from Ukraine three months ago and your comments about the exhaustion of a permanent houseguest resonate with me. Thanks for sharing. I especially loved your letter to the boys one year home.


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